Who is Drew._.Low?

A Little About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Ryan—oops—I mean Drew Low. Just kidding. My first name is Ryan and my online presence is under the name Drew._.Low. The name is a little mix of my middle and last name. You can call me whatever you want.

I’m not known—just yet. I do dream of being a big presence. One can dream right? It’s a tough world here on the internet. Especially when you really want a go at being in the spotlight. I may only be speaking for myself though. I have talents; I can sing, I’m good at makeup, I’m good at writing, telling stories, photography and I can make you laugh. At least I’ll try. Outside of the internet in the “real world”, I work in Healthcare. I’m planning on becoming an RN.

When I was a kid, I remember when Youtube starting blowing up, I was OBSESSED. I watched videos all the time, I can remember watching all the classic YouTubers. I for some reason enjoyed tech reviews overall, I’m not like that now. Hmm. Anyway yah I’ve actually been on social media and Youtube since I was in Middle School. Now I’m on everything, I LOVE TikTok haha. Now, I wanna do Youtube (again) and have a presence on social media as a side gig; be it, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram. It gives me satisfaction. Looking forward to creating for anyone reading this. See you soon 💖

A Little About My Channel

Where I’m at with everything

Hey! Thanks for reading this far. Soooo my current channel has been up and running for a couple years. My upload rate was never consistent and pretty random. I’d try to have a schedule for myself but that never worked due to school and work.

Now that I found some motivation and inspo for creating, I want to upload more, but this time I wont push myself too hard. This is something I love to do after all.

The content I uploaded in the past was pretty cool, I did what I thought I should be doing. I wasn’t as comfortable then as I am now. The content I upload now—anything I want. My channel is an all around channel. I do all my own editing and filming. One video might be food related. The other a vlog. Something I’ve recently tried out; ASMR. So sit back, back, back. And relax relax relax.

Newest Video

My Sister & I Singing

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