Hello everyone!

Hopefully if you’ve found this link you are interested in all things ketones, keto/low carb, starting a healthier lifestyle, & creating a BETTER version of YOURSELF!
These ketones have literally changed my life! They have given me my energy back & have helped me become a better wife, foster momma, friend, and so much more!

If you are ready to say goodbye to afternoon naps because of poor quality of sleep, feeling exhausted all of the time, mood swings, your irritability, uncontrollable cravings, and that stubborn excess ‘fluff’ …you’ve come to the right place! I can’t wait for you to see what ketones can do for you!💜

Finding what works for you.

Recommendation for new customers.

If you’ve never tried ketones before, hooray! I’m so excited for you to experience them and all that ketosis has to offer!

My recommendation is to start out with a 10 day challenge pack. It provides you with 20 packets of ketones with five different flavors. There are 10 caffeinated and 10 decaf. It really is the perfect place to start

*This is not medical advice. All results will vary.

Recommendation for energy & other benefits.

For increased energy, drink 1 packet of ketones first thing in the morning or mid day to avoid the dreaded afternoon slump! Orrrrr, drink one in the morning and one mid day! The choice is yours!

To get the most out of the ketones, I strongly suggest adding in a Mitoplex (upgraded electrolytes) to your mix up for added hydration & better ketone absorption.

*This is not medical advice. All results vary.

Recommendation for fat loss & a metabolic reset.

Traditional American Diet (zero carbohydrate/sugar control): It is ideal to drink at least 2 packets of ketones a day to experience the best results. The 10 day challenge is a great option for you with, giving you a variety of flavors along with caffeinated and decaf options.

Keto/Low Carb: 2 packs a day is still ideal, but if you are being carb conscious with your diet then you can still see results with 1 ketone a day.

Looking for a meal replacement or post workout recovery shake? Consider our Keto/OS PRO. Basically it’s a protein shake infused with ketones!

If you are specifically looking for a metabolic reset and to jumpstart fat loss then check out bundling the 60 hour reboot with the 10 day challenge box! You will see the best results with this duo and have massive savings ($56)! You will also have the opportunity to try some of Prüvit’s other amazing products!

*This is not medical advice. All results vary.