About the Doc

I’m unorthodox - I don’t have my own office nor do you need to be stuck in traffic to see me. If I haven’t personally introduced myself to you yet, ‘Hi! I’m Dr.KaTe 👋🏼’

Currently serving in the Nor Cal SF Bay Area in preconception/pregnancy health and pediatric care for kids with/without special needs. I provide care customized for parents and children in the aspect that works with their busy schedule.

In addition to practicing the Webster Technique to not only address all causes of potential dystocia, but also help mothers have their most comfortable pregnancy by providing alignment in her pelvis and spine,
That’s why preconception wellness support is vital!

In making sure the mother has her best pregnancy, I also work closely with the birth team (i.e. midwives/doulas, nutritionists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors) to assure the healthiest stress-less experience.

Mothers love the appointments at the comfort of their home AWAY from traffic and rush hour situations. They find that their kids are more at ease than the stress of being in a doctor’s office.

I’m excited to meet you and see how I can help you with your needs whether it’s before your pregnancy or postpartum recovery and support for you and your little ones.

~The greatest doctor is the one inside each of us.

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