Hey guys, I’m Amanda!

I lived in New Jersey my whole life, and then when I got married to my youth pastor husband, we moved to Pennsylvania. Ever since then, I have struggled to find a good job that I love. I couldn’t stand working in fast food, the grocery store I worked at closed permanently, babysitting didn’t work out, and recently I quit another job that was just so toxic, working insane hours every week. I basically thought I was going to struggle with stomach issues long term. It was crippling, and I felt completely disconnected from the ministry that was supposed to be mine and my husband’s.

I had bought a starter kit in November 2019, but was planning to just use it up and never buy again. I certainly had no intention of starting the business. I was NOT going to be that girl who graduated from Bible college, got married, and started with an mlm. When I started to realize what my 9-5, more like 7-6, job was doing to me, my relationships, and my body, I revisited the idea of starting a business with Young Living…and I became more and more excited about the prospect that I could actually work from home, anywhere really, and actually love what I do. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Fast forward to now. I enrolled in a 10-day hustle course and learned so much about how to excel in my business. I started my Young Living business and I am THRIVING.

I want to help you too! Yes, I want to help you understand how much this one box of oils can bring so much support, wellness, and a loving oily community. But even more than that, I want to help you turn your dreams into goals. Because, friend, there’s more to life than stressing over your toxic job, feeling like you have to get that paycheck. Let’s get you some oils, and along the way, joy and purpose in your current season.

ready to get started?

let’s find which starter kit is right for you!

Premium Starter Kit

This is our most popular starter kit, and for good reason! It has everything you need to begin your wellness journey. You can choose which diffuser you’d like, and along with that you will receive 12 of the best oils that you will reach for over and over again!
» Peppermint // focus, energy, + head tension
» Frankincense // grounding + skincare
» DiGize // digestion + tummy trouble
» Valor // courage in a bottle
» Lemon // goo-gone + brightening
» Thieves // immune support booster
» PanAway // sore muscle relief
» Peace and Calming // sleep support + calm
» Lavender // sleep, calm, + literally everything
» Citrus Fresh // air purifier
» Raven // respiratory support
» Stress Away // vacation in a bottle

On top of that, you get some amazing samples of our other products!
» Thieves hand sanitizer
» Thieves spray
» 2 AromaGlide roller fitments
» 2 NingXia samples
» Product guides and helps

Thieves Starter Kit

Everyone has to clean right?! Remove those toxins from your home with our thieves product line. Thieves essential oil is known as an immune support powerhouse, so imagine being able to boost your immunity while you’re cleaning. Literally nothing could be better! This kit comes with...
» Thieves Essential Oil
» Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
» Thieves Mouthwash
» 2 Thieves Household Cleaners
» 2 Thieves Foaming Handsoaps
» 2 Thieves Sprays
» 2 Thieves Hand Sanitizers

These products are so concentrated, that you can dilute them. The 2 bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner will actually make over 40 bottles of cleaner!!

Welcome Home Starter Kit

This kit has everything you need to infuse your home and your life with essential oils. It has some of our most popular oils, so why not try those first?! It has a lot of citrus oils too, which I love, which is an added bonus. This kit includes...
» Frankincense
» Lavender
» Peppermint
» Valor
» Grapefruit
» Lemon
» Lime
» Tangerine

This kit also comes with a beautiful wooden vitality oil rack. Perfect to put in the kitchen to organize those oils!

NingXia Starter Kit

NingXia Red is a daily multivitamin in liquid form! It’s a delicious blend of nutrient-rich wolf berry purée, superfruit juices, and pure essential oils. It is formulated to support wellness for every lifestyle. You will seriously crave this when you run out, so you’ll want to keep it stocked. In this kit you’ll receive...
» NingXia Red 2 pack
» 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 oz. ea)
» NingXia Nitro

KidScents Little Oilers Starter Kit

Do you have kids? This starter kit is PERFECT for those of you who have kids and don’t want to expose them to all the toxins out there. This kid includes...
» Feather the Oil Diffuser
» KidScents Geneyus
» KidScents Owie
» KidScents TummyGize
» KidScents SniffleEase
» KidScents SleepyIze
» 2 AromaGlide Roller Fitments

Basic Starter Kit

This kit is for you if you are on the fence about oils, but want a little sampling. This kit includes...
» Stress Away Essential Oil
» Thieves Mints
» AromaGlide Roller Fitment
» 2 NingXia Red 2-oz Samples
» Thieves Hand Sanitizer

You can add things to this kit to make your own customizable starter kit, depending on what your needs are. I would love to chat with you about what you could add that would help support you right now in this season!