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A Divine Feminine Mystery School: Heal Your Yoni, Liberate Your Soul, Reclaim Your Divinity

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Dr. Shelly

Female Sexual Empowerment Coach. Tantra Teacher. Medicine Woman.

Are you ready to be guided home to the magic & power of your womb? I'm here to remind you that PLEASURE is your superpower.

Working with me will give you the permission to say FUCK THAT to the limiting belief systems, societal programming, ancestral patterns, religious dogma, shame, self-inflicted judgments & fear that keep you stuck, burnt out, exhausted, depressed, lacking passion, & orgasm-less.

𓁹 Reconnect to your VAGINA
༄ Retrieve your SOUL from sexual abuse & trauma
♡︎ Heal your MOTHER wounds
▽ Reclaim your feminine POWER

(Yes, I have eBooks & eCourses for men too!)

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, 8-Week Mentorship Intensives, Online Academies, & Plant Medicine Ceremonies & Retreats.

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Do you struggle with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or a low libido?

Learn how to become a multi-orgasmic man!

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