A paeds momma's journey

I am a paediatrician at Baby and Beyond Child Specialist Clinic, Publika, Kuala Lumpur with 15 years of experience. More importantly, I am a mommy to two beautiful children - 3.5 years old 'Dumpling' and 1.5 year old 'Popiah'.

What started off as a space to pen my journey as a mother to a child with mild global developmental delay has now evolved to become a platform where I can share some medical knowledge about child health too.

Parenthood is a very challenging journey but we don't need to walk it alone. I hope that I can help impart some of that knowledge and experience so that together, we can build strong families and raise strong children. #strongertogether

My latest contribution is an interview with Motherhood.com.my about caesarean section recovery in December 2020. Check it out in the "My Links" section! 😊

Will you join me to raise the next generation who are happy, healthy and resilient? I'd love to hear from you and what topics you'd like me to talk more about. Do follow and reach out to me on my Facebook @dryikis_crib.

My Team

Baby and Beyond Child Specialist Clinic, Publika

This is my team and my family! Like-minded and passionate about raising healthy, joyful and resilient children.

We strive to give your child the best care and to build a trustworthy partnership with you.

I dare say that one of the best features of our clinic is that we are not a "conveyer-belt" clinic - you know, the type where you come in, jab, go out. No, we spend value time with you and your child and you can ask us anything from A to Z, really! Not to mention we are open 7 days a week.

Check out our new website to find out more about our services and follow us on Facebook @babyandbeyondclinicpublika for updates.

My YouTube Channel

dryiki's channel

Short videos I have done highlighting common paediatric problems and child health.

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