We make clothes in a new style different than the normal style my style it is like a different universe of clothes

Me i started all because i didn't really mind how i look so why not wear my own stuff and if others want they can also

Well me im really known for my name and how different it is I like to say I'm the only one with this name most of the time nobody gets it right name cuz I haven't met anyone or seen anyone ever heard of anyone with my name I didn't really mind for name brands I kind of liked my own style of things so why not make clothes I thought but what I was doing this I did not think it would be big like this I did not think I would be here right now making website and commercials but I guess life takes you where you need to be so this must have been bound to happen at first I thought the clothes are only going to be for me because I didn't think anybody would like them until I learned and deeper and deeper I got then it popped into my head why not make them for people just like you people that don't really mind from the name brands why not make your own but for the people that didn't make their own I made one for us I also make regular clothes with certain people on them cartoon characters for the people that are not like me I don't really judge but this is just how I am I don't mind how you are but I support everyoneand anything so this is my story that's how it all started and I never got bullied or anything it's just how I am

Hi i am Zhiana (Ghiana) and i got this job by being his friend at school. My role is helping with art, I am good but not as good but i can say i am ok. I wanted to work here because i think it would be fun. Thank you and have a wonderful day, God bless you!
HI im Damian Mclean and im hear to help the company and im co boss and disighner and god bless this company i hope it goes well. it will be good.