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Aloha, welcome to my website! hope you find what you were looking for!

Hello, my loves. This is my website, welcome ! People remember to give credits to the people I say, including me, if I have something I have made/done myself. Thank you ! <3


addressing some stuff !

“coloring tutorial ??”
ofc ! it will be on this website ! it is also on the accounts @addsrobots and @addsrobots.leaked

“may i join your acc ??”
sorry but i am not planning on letting anyone join my account ! i have worked very hard and i don’t want to risk it, and for other reasons. hopefully you guys will understand ! ty !

“how to do you do your wm ??”
i will be doing a tutorial soon enough ! just please be patient, sorry for the wait ! i have tried filming two but it’s over two minutes so either way, that wouldn’t work, but i have found another way and will do it soon !

those are some questions i have been getting now for other stuff that is important !

⤖ please do not give me a spam ! i have let some slide but now i do not recommend, although i never have ! i will give a warning so you know incase you don’t see this but please don’t spam ! 𖡜̸

⤖ do n o t steal anything from my account, such as coloring (especially because it isn’t mine) or pfp because usually i have my wm on it, unless i do free colored packs ! thank you ! 𖡜̸

⤖ i really wouldn’t like you hating on anyone on my account, as everyone has feelings, even if someone has hated on you ! just tell me, easily, and i will handle it ! love yall ! 𖡜̸

current coloring tut !

current coloring for anyone wondering ! credits - @skatrcharls

here is my coloring tutorial for anyone who was wondered, asked, or just found this! Remember this coloring was not made by me! @addsrobots is where I got the coloring from (inspired by @skatrcharls!) @addsrobots would like you to give credits to @skatecharls! Thank you!

App - photos:
exposure: -10
highlights: -35
shadows: +50
contrast: -30
saturation: +40
vibrance: +40
warmth: -30 or -35
sharpness: +50

App - prequel:
indie kid filter: 50-75%
blur: 25-50 or other!

App - ultralight:
clarity: +10
sharpen: -10
emphasize: -3 or -4!

This is it for now ! Updates will be soon or when I have enough time, but hopefully this clears up the coloring ! you may also find it on @addsrobots or @addsrobots.leaked!