Contents : Why I cant do Font Pack, Colouring Tutorial, Addressing some things taking place on my account.

Side Note: Please give credit if you use my colouring and if not giving credits you will be blocked.

Please tell me if
there is anything you need
to know in my comments as this is
here to help you all!

How to give credits

- for colouring: use the hashtag “#dunkinnete OR #liviahh” or put in bio.

- for ib: just say it in the caption example: “ib:@.liviahh”

Addressing Some Stuff

Addressing Sp:
It has come to my attention that people do a lot of sp on other accounts and I’m afraid I do not allow that. You may be blocked if you do it non-stop and ignore the warnings I give. You have 3 chances and if you don’t like that rule you may unfollow me.

Addressing Spam ie; spam liking, spam
commenting etc.
So I do not tolerate spamming my account especially spam liking. Although you might not think anything of it, I may get shadowbanned which I do not like as I would prefer to get on the FYP. Please respect my opinion and if you do not respect that and do the opposite, you will be blocked straight away (unlike sp, you don’t get

Colouring Tutorial

Here is my colouring tutorial
PS: If you DON’T give credits you will be
reported and blocked.

Camera Roll:
Exposure: -10
Highlights: -35
Shadows: +50
Contrast: -30
Saturation: +40
Vibrance: +40
Warmth: -30
Sharpness: +50

Clarity: +10
Sharpen: -10
Emphasize: -3

Blur: Any Amount
Filter: “ Indie Kid 1” at 70

After you have added text:
Filter: “Kid-Core 1” at 70
Sharpen: 50
Intro: Iris Blur

Why I can not do a font pack

I can’t do a font pack as there is 20+ fonts
I use for my theme which is a lot but, I can tell you where to get the fonts for the theme!
Make sure to give creds to notesbean!