Disabled Unschoolers of Color

Originally created by Jo of Femme Feelosophy, Disabled Unschoolers of Color (DUOC) is a place for disabled Black people, Indigenous communities and other people of color who are transitioning towards, curious about and currently unschooling and/or participating within self-directed spaces where there is partnership between children/youth and the adult(s). This space was created by Jo to find other disabled unschoolers IRL (locally in the Inland Empire) and online, which has been proven to be a challenging process.

Seeking and maintaining any type of relationship or community can be difficult for disabled folks and unschoolers alike and often provide further moments of isolation for multi varied reasons. Now imagine what this experience is for disabled or neurodivergent unschoolers and families. Jo saw a need to carve out these spaces and attempt to sustain them. Not just for herself but for others in similar positions.

Her vision remains to be diligent about creating and maintaining relationships with other unschoolers (online and off!) and specifically neurodivergent, autistic, disabled, chronically ill BIPOC unschoolers. Even when it's frustrating and seems like a far off dream. Monthly, local in person meetups proceed (COVID has currently halted them). Online musings and dialogue are happening. In budding, small ways. But the energy is there.

DUOC has come into fruition.

And more dreaming and planning and fun is on the way. Check out the other pages to see what DUOC is up to. If you are interested in joining and helping make Disabled Unschoolers of Color flourish, whether that's online or off - please connect with me below.


Welcome to the

Community events & activities hub for disabled unschoolers of color

Many of the events offered here are organized by DUOC, but you will find that there are several scheduled items that may not be. I want to boost events hosted by others who are amplifying: disabled unschooling, disabled unschoolers of color, disability justice, neurodivergent advocacy, and unschooling advocacy in general.

Some of these events may ask you to register/RSVP via Eventbrite or another outside link. We at DUOC require this for various reasons including: knowing how many people to expect at a specific event, which also may ease some anxiety around preparation and being social. Another reason is for screening processes that keep children and families safe(r), knowing who is going to show up (esp with low turnouts, where I or others may be on our own).

Our events will always include access notes but keep in mind that not all of our events may be completely accessible to everyone. I will do my best to make sure non-DUOC events consider and offer accessibility and have access notes but I can't control what they will actually include. I may still advertise the event because I thought it was important to share; please remember this disclaimer if you still do plan to participate in the event. I may end up taking down the event info from this page depending on the situation.

If you would like for me to consider boosting your event (or mutual aid info), I have information including a form you can check out in Other Resources.