Durian Monster

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of durian are available?
We currently offer Grade A, export quality Musang King durians from 30-year-old trees.

While our durians are typically exported to Hong Kong, China and Australia, we've now made them locally accessible for those who have grown up eating this delicacy since their childhood.

2. Where are your durians from?
Our durians are harvested from our orchard in Sungai Klau, Raub - synonymously known as the home to the best Musang King durians in the country.

3. Are your durians fresh?
Absolutely! Our durians are delivered from our orchard every morning and vacuum-packed to retain ultimate freshness and flavour. Did we mention that they're completely pesticide-free too?

4. How much do they cost?
RM88 per 300g box.

For a limited time only:
- Buy 2 boxes and get 1 FREE
- Buy 4 boxes and get 2 FREE including free delivery

5. Which areas do you cover?
For the time being, we deliver within Klang Valley.

6. Do you offer same-day delivery?
Yes! All orders placed before 5pm will be delivered to your doorstep within 6 hours (subject to stock availability).

7. How much does delivery cost?
- RM10 flat delivery within 10km
- FREE delivery within 10km with our Buy 4, Get 2 offer

8. How long do the durians last?
We highly recommend consuming them within 3 days.

9. How do I place an order?
Just click on the 'Order Now' button below to get delicious durian delivered to your doorstep!

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