Magic is within yourself.

Here it comes, again. Again and again. These people never leave me alone. " Hey Sakura! I thought you're going to tear apart! Be careful, your bone might be separate." Again. I laughed and smile to them. My hands formed into fist and my body start to shake again. I open my eyes. Oh shoot! That dream again.

I want to live the rest of my life here in my room. In this place I found comfort and serenity. My mom, Makio, start to discuss something over me, it's like a machine gun. I was silent.

Sakura having the bad days. Everyday is a bad day for her. Now, she's thinking about the past while staring at the mirror, in the reflection she can see the window too. There is something on that thing. It's a shadow in a human figure. Sakura checked the window without hesitating and without fear. Her eyes got big, she saw a man standing in front of her window. Mars, the boy, labeled his eyes in Sakura's eyes. Then smile. A charming one. Mars looks like a gentle boy and a trusting one.

Sakura close the window and she don't give a care about what she saw. The other day, there's a crumpled paper in Sakura's window. "I can read your mind." Sakura read the letter.

Mars being a naughty boy he forced Sakura to tell what's in her mind. Months past by, they're getting really close. All of Sakura's problem, worries, insecurities are fading. Because of the mysterious guy, Sakura really recovering from her past. But, as time past by and Sakura is getting really comfortable to the guy, Mars suddenly disappear. Disappeared, but the word that taught Sakura to become herself again are still in Sakura's heart and mind.

Sakura, finally love herself. Someone taught her to do that. She knows that she's unique in her own. She is loved, she is more than enough. Sakura being herself and confident are in her body now.

Sakura: We need one person to know about our struggles. That one person helps you to untangled the wires of your thought.

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