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I help Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs create HIGH IMPACT + HIGH PROFIT businesses

Hi there! I'm Dusty Lee & I'm excited you're here! I have a true passion for helping women step into their full potential & create a massive impact in the online space!

I'm on a mission to help health & wellness entrepreneurs elevate their income + impact to create a true life of abundance! Whether that’s through bridging the income gap with high ticket solutions or helping you activate your water biz to 4A organically, I have you covered!

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Have you ever wondered how you can shorten the time frame to 5 figure months?

I don’t know about you, but I used to see social sellers online celebrating huge 5 figure months and couldn’t help but wonder HOW?

I got my start in Network Marketing about 9 years ago with a skincare company and had great success. I grew a pretty large team, reached the top 2% of the company, earned the car and all the trips but at year 6 I was still barely seeing 5 figures a month.

Honestly, I was getting tired and exhausted from the month to month hustle. I almost thought about taking a break from the online scene..

But right before I did I learned about “high ticket” sales. This was foreign to me at the time, but high ticket meant earning at least $1,000 plus per commission. I invested into a coaching program that included a way to make these high ticket commissions by simply referring others to the program.

Which came naturally for me because I was seeing great results and found myself sharing anyways. I referred a couple business partners and then.. BOOM! I earned a couple commissions at $2,000 EACH!

And let me tell you.. I had one of the BIGGEST lightbulb moments go off in my head!

I was in shock! I was hooked! I KNEW right then and there that this, THIS was the way to bridge that gap to monthly income goals I had been hustling so hard for!

I then started searching for more high ticket opportunities that didn’t involve me having the upfront work such as like building a coaching program… and I found it. I found the holy grail of high ticket opportunities!!

One that paid even higher than 2k per sale and paid high ticket commissions passively! That was also good for my health and good for the planet?? Hello!? Can you say GOLDMINE?!

I dove in head first and within my second month of business I had my first 5 figure month, ever.

I had literally scaled to my highest month ever out of all my 6 years with my 1st company.

I was HOME! I was able to say goodbye to those months of starting back at zero.

I said goodbye to ever loosing my rank again.

I said goodbye to hustling for $50 commissions.

I now get the privilege to help others do the same and even coach those within my community to scale beyond 5 figure months by showing up as their most authentic selves!

If you are thirsty for abundance then I encourage you to JOIN my community where you can learn more about tapping in to the world of high ticket!

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Can’t wait to show you the way!

Xo Dusty Lee


Remember that product I mentioned on the last page about being great for my health and the planet? Check out below why this premium product is solving major problems when it comes to our health and our planet 🌎

Kangen 💧

Enagic Compensation Plan


Your roadmap to 4A and beyond..

ACTIVATE is a coaching program designed to teach Enagic distributors how to build to 4A and beyond through attraction marketing and building a personal brand that allows you to show up as your authentic self.

When I dove head first into Enagic I hit 4A in my first 60 days and then went on to reach 6A in less than 10 months..

- without spamming my friends and family.

- without any FB/IG ads.

- without offline water demos.

- without sending spammy messages online.

- without any educational platform.

There is true power in having a deep understanding of who your target market is and the problem you are helping to solve.

I help you get crystal clear on this brand messaging so that you create magnetic content that has leads coming to YOU vs. you chasing them!

If this sounds like a program for you then join my Facebook Group below and shoot me a message so we can connect!

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(ACTIVATE is free for my downline)