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Identity for confectionery brand Sweet space

Corporate identity

Here is my first project!

I’ve been looking for the references and all necessary materials for long time!

I’ve been thinking about how to display all advantages of brand and emphasize it’s unicity for a long time


Ohh... my God! I’ve reached to the right decision!

So, why logo is a cake?
- No, not because it’s for confectioner
- Just because the main product is cakes and also some kind of desserts for catering.

The style of identity is a simple and short-spoken, as Olena prefers first of all of natural ingredients, but not of happy and artificial image!

A background I decided to make tasty and delicious as if in color of freshly baked cake.

Color scheme should display the character of her brand.
This is a desserts like a home baking, but made by more difficult receipts and have more precious taste.

So, decided to use warm, deep, natural and noble shades.

Poster for the movie

Interpretation for the poster of the movie “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2”

Here You can see the process of my work