About dwi

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u stalkin ?

Nice to meet you (or should I say hello friend)! people call me dawi because it’s easier, can you imagine calling me Romandawi? shits long and nobody has the time to do that!

But I don’t hate my name of course! well, I used to but that’s another story to tell.

So, I was born on April 17th in the year 1999, where I was born you ask? well, in Sabah which is in East Malaysia (a.k.a North Borneo).

Currently studying in Australia and I’m truly grateful to my parents of this opportunity. Thank you mom & dad, I thank God for you.

Actually, I thank God for everything in my life, especially the bad things that’s happened to me which shaped me and matured me.

I used to be an ungrateful bitch, but now I’m a better person, I tend to mess things up but that’s life dude, we don’t stop learning, it’s a constant process that we need to get through as humans.

My takeaway message is : to be grateful of the big and small things in life, they’re what makes life beautiful. Think of our life experiences as a heartbeat monitor, if it’s a straight line, means you’re dead (obviously). It’s a literal example of how life is full of ups & downs, so live life and be alive! BUT also, try not to harm anybody while you do that thanks.