Storybook and cartoons film.

Script for the podcast

Hello, welcome back to my podcast, I'm Dwilyana Septimiranti. today I will tell you about the story books and cartoons film.
The first is story books, I really like fiction books, one example is saint george and the dragon which is used as a children fairy tale before sleep.
And I'm going to tell you about this storybook, so there was a dragon that often ate farm animals and burned fields in the kingdom. And one day the dragon came to the king and told the king to bring food every morning so that he would not burn the fields again.
And after that, the king always brought food to the dragon every morning in the form of farm animals such as pigs and goats.
But one day the dragon that had been brought food was still hungry and wanted something sweet like human blood and the dragon asked to bring a princess. The dragon knows that the king has a daughter and if not brought then the dragon will burn all the kingdom.
The king was surrendered and allowed his daughter to meet the dragon in the cave in the morning.
When the princess came to the cave the dragon was sleeping, suddenly someone came like a knight riding a white horse. The knight was named george. George knew that the dragon was want a princess to be his food. The dragon woke up and fight with george. The dragon suffered defeat and george warned to the dragon to promise not to eat humans again but the dragon flew high and ignored george who was talking. And the most important thing is that the dragon is gone and will not burn the kingdom's fields again.

and the movie that I've watched and I really like is big hero 6
Tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Hiro Hamada who is lives in San Fransokyo with his older brother Tadashi. Hiro Hamada is really like things about robotics and he always spends his daily life fighting robots. Until Tadashi brought Hiro Hamada to the university where he studied, San-Fransokyo Institute of Technology (SFIT), where Hiro met Tadashi's friends. They are Go Go Tomago, Fred, Wasabi No-Ginger, and Honey Lemon. And also with Baymax, a personal health care robot created by Tadashi.
Hiro was interested and wanted to join the university by presenting microbots. Professor from SFIT is interested in Hiro's project.

But on that day there was a fire, Tadashi tried to save someone who was trapped, namely Callaghan, but an explosion occurred and Tadashi died in the incident. After the death of his brother Hiro became quiet and hid himself from his friends.

After that, Hiro reactivated Baymax and he found 1 microbot who took him to the warehouse and found someone who duplicated his microbots, namely Yokai. Hiro and his friends finally make a superhero group to fight the yokai and after that they know that the yokai are callaghan. Finally, Hiro wants to kill Callaghan knowing that Tadashi died to saved Callaghan. They also fight, Hiro inserts the fighting chip into Baymax and Baymax becomes a killing machine, but Hiro's friends stop him and re-insert Baymax's nurse chip and Baymax returns to normal. And callaghan can escape. Hiro was angry and returned home. At home he tried to throw away the nurse chip again but couldn't. Hiro really wants revenge and Baymax also shows a video about Tadashi's test against Baymax and the successful test on the 84th test. Hiro knew that killing Callaghan was not what Tadashi wanted to avenge his death.

Callaghan steals the microbots to save his daughter who disappeared inside the portal. Baymax knows there is a sign of life in the portal, Baymax and Hiro save their daughter, but when they want to get out from the portal, Baymax's armor is damaged. Finally Baymax shoots Baymax's rocket fist to save his daughter. Hiro was sad and didn't want to leave Baymax. After exit the portal, the portal exploded. His daughter was rescued and Callaghan was taken into custody by the police.

One day after the incident, Hiro had found Baymax's nurse chip (which contained all of Baymax's personality) in Baymax's rocket fist. He remade Baymax, and happiness came back.

OK, that's it for today's and Thanks for listening to my podcast, sorry for my mistake. Stay save guys, and goodbye

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Journal week 5

Record conversation with my friend

Dwi : Good afternoon!
Danisha : Good afternoon sis!
Dwi: How do you do today?
Danisha: I’m doing goo too, by the way, I've been thinking about going out on a picnic since the last weekend. What do you say?
Dwi : Really? It's a good idea. I'm up for it. Outdoors would be great. Do you have a location in mind?
Danisha: How about Tanjung tinggi beach? It's a relatively remote and just a three-hour drive. We can stay a night there.
Dwi : The location sound exciting. Can we cook our own food? Because that's a key ingredient of any picnic.
Danisha : I'm not sure about it. We can carry the raw material.
Dwi : Ok. Let's ask a few more friends.
Danisha : Let's speak to others today and get the final consent by tomorrow.
Dwi : Sounds good.

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Listening to 2 English Music🎶

Tell the world what you’re made of

Hello, Welcome to my podcast. I’m Dwilyana Septimiranti, today i want tell you about english music. I listen two english music of Justin Bieber's songs, "Love Yourself" and "What Do You Mean?" .
“Love Yourself” song tells of a woman who is always selfish and does not consider her partner. which eventually makes her partner go. And I want sing the part of the song, so listen
“Cause if you like the way
You look that much
Oh baby you should go
And love yourself”
love yourself here means love yourself and don't love others if you are more concerned with yourself.

And “What Do You Mean?” song tells about a man who is confused and asks what is the purpose in their relationship because his partner is always indecisive about their relationship.
I want sing the part of the song
“Whan do you mean?Oh
When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean?”

Okey, I think that’s all, sorry for my mistake. Thank you for listening my podcast
I’m Dwilyana Septimiranti
Good bye👋🏻

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Read Children Story Book and Watch Cartoon Movie


Hello, Welcome to my podcast
I’m Dwilyana Septimiranti
Today, I want to tell you about the children’s story book i read dan cartoon movie i watched.

The first, Children story book “Be Kind”
This children's story book “Be kind” tells the story of a child who always tries to be kind to everyone. The child was taught by his mother to always be kind to his friends and people, and the child always doing like helping a friend who is in trouble, sharing food with his friends during snack time,helping mother clean the house, cleaning the cat bed, and small things like praising someone like telling your mother she looks very beautiful, thanks and blesses you to someone. Being kind may be difficult but doing small things can make other people happy.

And the cartoon movie “Inside Out”. The movie is one of my favorite cartoons. This movie’s tells the story of an eleven year old girl named Riley. The five emotions in Riley's mind are described by the characters Joy (happy), Sadness (sad), Anger (angry), fear (fear), and Disgust (disgusted). All these emotions reside in a place in Riley's mind called Headquartes which controls and guides Riley's mind in daily life. At the age of eleven, Riley and her family moved into their new home. But trouble comes and this is where Riley and her five emotions want each other to take control of Riley. The headquarters was damaged. And Riley became gloomy and tried to run away but Joy and Sadness finally came back again and Riley who was planning to run away finally came home and Riley began to accept and be happy with her new home.

Okay, That’s it for today about children’s story book and cartoon movie. Sorry for my mistake and thank you for listening to my podcast. Stay save and stay healthy guys. I’m Dwilyana Septimiranti and Good bye👋🏻

Speak English with my Sister👭🏻

the script : my dialog with my sister

Dwi: hello sis, what are you doing?

Ninis: hi my sister, I just finished eating. What happen? By the way Are you doing your assignment?

Dwi : Yes. This is so boring. I found it difficult with this assignment and I have never seen my university and friends, I really want to go and see in real life

Ninis : Let's pray that this pandemic will end soon.

Dwi : Is the virus really that dangerous and hasn't gone away, Sis?

Ninis : Yes, Dwi, WHO even declared Covid-19 as a pandemic and this virus has developed, so Indonesia estimates that at the end of this year there will be a third wave of covid with a new variant.

Dwi : Really? I'm so scared

Ninis : Yes. Therefore we must continue to adhere to health protocols. We are very easily infected if we make contact with other people outside and do not keep a distance of 1 meter. Who knows if someone is infected? That's why we should stay at home and avoid direct contact with people, except our family at home. And always wear a mask when leaving the house

Dwi : So sad. I miss my friends.

Ninis : Yes, i miss my friends, too. But we have to obey the rules and keep ourselves safe.

Dwi : Okay. Mom said we should also exercise and eat healthy food, right?

Ninis : Right! You're smart, Dwi

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Listen to 2 English Music (part 3)

Hello Everyone, I'm Dwilyana Septimiranti. Today I want to tell you about I listen to two english songs from Justin Bieber entitled "One Time" and "That Should Be Me". "One Time" song by Justin Bieber, tells the story of a teenager who falls in love. In this song, he thinks to say his feelings only one time because their feelings are both in love and i will sing a little lyrics of the song
You're my one love
My one heart
My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time
And the song "That Should Be Me" by Justin Bieber, tells about the sadness and heartbreak of someone who can't move on from his partner who is already together and happy with someone else and i will sing a little lyrics of the song
That should be me, holding your hand
That should be me, making you laugh
That should be me, this is so sad
That should be me, That should be me
Okey, thank you for listening my podcast today and sorry for my mistake. I'm Dwilyana Septimiranti and Good bye🫂👋🏻

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Watch 2 News in English📰

Hello I’m Dwilyana Septimiranti
Today, I want to tell you There are two news that I have watched, namely ”Yogyakarta prepares aid for orphans” and “Active cases and positive rate in DIY continues to drop”.

The first news from “Yogyakarta prepares aid for orphans” the news tells about The Yogyakarta City Government has prepared an assistance scheme for orphans who lost their parents who died due to Covid-19. This assistance is carried out on an ongoing basis involving corporations and social institution to help orphans. The forms of assistance include preparing scholarship programs and various things to help children.

And then the second news “Active cases and positive rate in DIY continues to drop” Still in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), the Covid-19 task force continues to record a decline in active cases. This decrease in active cases was caused by a significant increase in the number of daily cures for Covid-19 compared to the addition of the latest confirmed positive cases. Several areas that experienced an increase in recovered cases include 5 districts/cities. The highest is Bantul, Sleman, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta City, and Kulon Progo.

That's all from me, the information that I can convey to you. Hopefully it’s be useful and sorry for my mistakes. I thank you all for listening to my podcast. Stay safe and Goodbye

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Speak English with My Partner👭🏻

Me : “Hello sis, what are you doing? Are you still busy?”
My sister : “Hi sis! No… I just finished my assignment”
Me : “Hmm i feel bored these few days, is there any suggestion what i can do?”
My sister : “How about doing what you like? What do you like?”
Me: “I didn’t have any hobbies but there are some things i like when i feel bored like listening to music or watching movies”
My sister: “Watching Korean movies or dramas seems really fun!”
Me : “Yash but i don't know if i should watch korean movie or drama”
My sister : “How about korean drama? Korean dramas are now becoming a trend and many people talk about”
Me : “Hmm okay, what korean drama should we watch?”
My sister : “I recommend "happiness". This Korean drama is very good and also this drama has thriller and action genre”
Me : “Okay i like dramas with that kind of genre”
My sister : “And i have read an article it says this drama tells about the spread of disease in a closed building and this drama depicts a fierce psychological fear and struggle to survive in a closed building”
Me: “Wow, so cool! I think I have to watch this now, by the way how many episodes in this drama? I don't like drama that has many episodes”
My sister : “This drama only has 12 episodes”
Me: “Okay, let's watch it together”
My sister : “Okay, i will prepare my snacks first”
Me: “Okay okay ready”

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Cartoon Movies and Children’s Story Book🎬📖

Hi everyone welcome back to my podcast. I am Dwilyana Septimiranti. Today, I want to tell you a cartoon movie and children's story book that I have read and watched.

Okay, first I will tell you, a little about the cartoon movie that I watched is "Vivo". Vivo is an animated musical film with the main character a kinkajou named Vivo. In their daily life, Vivo and it’s owner, Andreas, spend time singing to entertain people in Havana. Because the two of them were so compact and harmonious, they always managed to attract the attention of many people in the town square. But one day Andreas received an invitation letter from Marta Sandoval to attend a concert that would be her last performance in Miami. However, Andreas died the day before the concert so he could not attend the concert of his idol whom he loved in the past. Therefore, he also asked Vivo to send a love letter in the form of a song to Marta.

And the children's story book that I read is " A Beautiful Girl Like You". This book has a great story with a good message. This book tells about a beautiful girl is any girl at all. Not only external it’s every girls call. If you are a girl you are beautiful too. Bring beauty to the word by just being you. No price can be put on how much you are worth. More precious than rubies and have been from birth. You were made to love and be loved beyond measure. Every girl is beautiful a valuable treasure.

Cartoon Movies “Vivo” and Children's story books “ A beautiful Girl Like You” are very cool and amazing. I really recommend you guys to watch and read it. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening to my podcast, Sorry if I made a mistake, that's all and goodbye.

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Watch 2 News in English📰

Hi everyone welcome back to my podcast. I am Dwilyana Septimiranti. Today, I want to tell you there are two news that I have watched

The first is COVID-19: Govt conceives strategy for transition to endemic stage
Indonesia has conceived a strategy for transitioning to the endemic stage of COVID-19 to prepare the resident to coexistence with the coronavirus as its total elimination in the near future is highly unlikely. The transition strategy with prioritizing the health sector, such as achieving and accelerating efforts to vaccinate COVID-19 so that 70% of the Indonesian population receives the first dose and 60% of the Indonesian population immediately completes the second dose. Especially in vulnerable groups such as the elderly and people with impaired immunity who are more likely to be infected. Then ensure medicine and vaccine availability by encouraging research and development for domestic production of COVID-19 medicines and vaccines. And the last strategy is to increase the competence of health facilities and health workers.

And the second is Indonesia must improve healthcare quality, access in regions
The Indonesian government needs to improve the quality of health services in several regions and reduce inequality in access to health. There are problems and gaps in health quality in several regions based on health facilities and infrastructure. Such as vaccination disparities between districts or cities within one province. It is also necessary to increase vaccinations and involve research, industry, and social institutions in handling COVID-19, The government must also improve the health management system in the future to face the predicted third wave of COVID-19 . Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertain, we hope that the government will continue to implement the 'gas and brake' policy by monitoring the number of COVID-19 cases in each region.

That's all from me, the information that I can
convey to you. Hopefully it's be useful and sorry for my mistakes. thank you for listening to my
podcast. Stay safe and Goodbye

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Listen to English Music🎵

Hi everyone welcome back to my podcast, I am Dwilyana Septimiranti. Today, I want tell you a English music. I listen to two English music from Original Soundtrack Disney movie namely “A Whole New World” and “I See The Light”.

First, if you have watched the Disney movie, Aladdin, then you are already familiar with the song A Whole New World. The song has always been the soundtrack of films that tell the love story between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. This song was sung by Aladdin but popularized again by Zayn Malik. I'll sing some lyrics from the song A Whole New World :
A whole new world
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new world with you

The lyrics 'A Whole New World' has a meaning that is Aladdin's goal to open a new page after his marriage to Princess Jasmine. The message of this song is to invite couples to always love in simplicity, because wealth is not everything to get happiness.

And the second namely I See The Light, this song became popular when it became the original soundtrack in the Disney movie, Tangled (Rapunzel). This song is sung by Rapunzel and Flynn and I'll sing some lyrics from the song I See The Light :
And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new

The lyrics of this song tell about discovery. Rapunzel, who had only seen from the window of her room in the tall castle with her mother, finally saw and found the wide world. This song also tells the story of Flynn who finds a woman who can make him fall in love.

Okey, that’s all for me and I really recommend you guys to listen the music from Original Soundtrack Disney movie. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening my podcast, Sorry if I made mistake and good bye.

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