Your amazing 💖

Hi it’s Breanna but I wanted to make this to let everyone know that your Beautiful just the way you are and don’t change for ANYONE period and make sure to eat healthy and I love you and there are many other people that love you 💖🥺

I also made this because one of my friends k!led themselves and I’m sure your friend/friends would be pretty sad if you did to!

Your amazing and don’t change for anyone 💖

Hi it’s Breanna of course please go tell who ever you love or who ever you don’t think will leave you that you love and appreciate them because they were there when you had nobody and it will probably make there day/night and if your feeling down just do it they will 100% say something nice back and don’t just do it for that reason just do it because I know you love them and if your feeling down you could just say that but say not trying to be an attention seeker i just think it will help💖

I know I look good and you should know you look good-Charli. Just know that I love you and there’s many other people that love you-Addison. If your life is bad right now to the point where you think it can’t get any worse please just know it will get better please don’t take your life-Breanna 🥺💖