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Holistic Mom & Partner

I’ve always been inclined to things that are earth based, all natural. I strive to make my lifestyle as organic as possible, be it what I eat, put on my body, wear, and use to clean my home.

Pregnancy truly pushed my need to be as chemical free as possible since I didn’t want to hurt my little bean. I changed my cleaning products, only used natural perfumes, created my own stretch mark cream, and continued my healthy eating habits.

Now, that isn’t to say that I don’t indulge in not so healthy practices. I have my moments! But my goal is to do the best I can with what I have around me :)

My top picks

Baby Product Recommendations (newborn)

Products that we used on a daily during the newborn stage that I find to be absolutely essential! Most of these products last well past the new born stage but these are items we have had since our first day home.

Baby Soap

We use a lot of Made Safe certified products. From the very beginning I new I didnt want to use Johnson & Johnson products. Instead, we came across the company Alaffia, tried them out and now we’re hooked! We use their Baby Shea shampoo & body wash for Blossom (my daughter) and their adult shampoo - conditioner - and face wash. It’s base is coconut oil and some of their products also use Shea Butter! Best part is that it’s all sourced from Africa & FAIR TRADE! Love it. You can find it in some stores like Wholefoods but it might just be easier to purchase from Amazon. They have it in different scents, as well as un scented.

Silicon Sponge

Super soft on her baby skin! She loves it 😊 It has two sides, each with a different length of bristles. I also love that it’s anti-bacterial and reusable! This product will last you from day one until they are much older... you know, until it breaks and it no longer works haha

Newborn Lounger

We used this EVERYDAY. I had a C-section with complications that followed so I wasn’t cleared to wear a carrier to carry Blossom until I was 6 weeks pp, but even then, I felt lots of pain in the area until around 2/3 months pp. This lounger allowed my boyfriend and I to get things done around the house whenever Blossom was up. She seemed to really enjoy it :) She was able to see life from a different perspective! I would also use it to have fun with her when I no longer wanted to be seated (or crouched over her crib - you know, with the incision and all). I would place this lounger on our table, place her in it, and then stand in front of her and have little conversations, make her smile, you know, all the best parenting things :) over all, it’s a great product and a total must have in my book!

Car seat + Stroller

The item we have utilized the most & love to pieces. It’s simple, compact, and great for parents who live in the city and on the go! Best of all, Blossom LOVES it! The Doona converts from a car seat to a stroller (vise versa) right before your eyes with a push of a button. Literally! It comes with a latch base but you don’t need it if you’re going into a car that doesn’t have it. All it needs is a seatbelt. 🙌🏻 It’s also lightweight. What I also love is that there’s no taking out the car seat and then attaching that to a stroller thing that I then need to take out from the back of my car, open, and then put together. With the click of a button, the wheels go down and baby & me are on the go. How cool is that?! Plus, it comes with a ton of accessories you can purchase. As of now we have the small Doona bag & the sunshade. I hope to buy the rain and bug cover for the spring 🤙🏻 If you’re unsure as to what stroller / car seat to buy, I would definitely go with this one.

Bassinet & Travel Crib

The Guava Lotus Bassinet Kit & Crib bundle has been wonderful for my family. We have used the bassinet since we brought Blossom home ❤️ We slept in our living room (due to me not being able to sleep on a bed for 4/5 weeks) and we were able to comfortably have her next to us. Once we moved into our bedroom, she was at our height on the bed, which made me feel great & Blossom safe ✨ Its lightweight and the bag it comes in converts into a backpack for when you’re on the go. Blossom recently outgrew it (Shes 5 months old but she’s big for her age) so now it’s in the travel crib mode. She really loves it! We love it to because when we need to work (we both work remotely) we place it in our living room, fill it with a few toys, and she plays 😊 We haven’t left on vacation but we both agree that we won’t be leaving without it. Also, when it’s in the regular travel crib mode there NO weight restrictions since the mat is basically on the floor SO this is something you will be able to have with you for a LONG time. It also has accessories you can purchase, such as a sun shade, in case you take it with you to a park, beach, anywhere sunny. So great!

Newton Baby mattress

The newton is designed to allow your baby to breath no matter if they turn over and find themselves face down and incapable of turning over. With this mattress you can have peace of mind that your beautiful bundle of joy & love will be safe. ❤️ It’s also firm and perfect to use from your child’s newborn stage all they way through their toddler years. Another plus is that Its completely washable. The outside liner is machine washable and the actual mattress can be washed in your tub. I mean, how cool is that?! It’s also chemical free! So need need to worry about any endocrine blockers or anything inhibiting your child from living their best life. The company also sells different colored liners depending on your decor. They also sell cotton liners to place on top, but suggest you don’t use it in the beginning because it reduces the effectiveness of the mattress. Newton even carries a liner that is waterproof for when you begin potty training your toddler! 👏🏻 Absolutely love the product.

My top picks

C-Section Necessities

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Recommendation #1

Rent-A-Center has POWER LIFT RECLINERS that will make your recovery period much easier. For just $25+ a week or $104+ you rent a recliner that will allow you to get out of your chair/bed much easier, minimizing the amount of strain placed on the affected area. It’s also extremely comfortable and a great recliner for feeding baby 👏🏻 You will also sleep well, which is a must after a c- section (if you want to recover properly & quickly. I recommend renting for 2 weeks - a month. If your not sure how long you might need it for, feel free to rent it for 2 weeks and then add more time if necessary. The recliner I rented is called Ashley “Yandel.”

Recommendation #2

You’re going to struggle to squat down to sit on your toilet. I had complications post c-section so my recovery time was a bit longer; however, if you don’t have a TON of help, using a portable female peeing cup holder is a luxury! Besides struggling to sit and stand on my own, my bladder would fill up instantly and I would have to GO 😂 so this was a major help. Plus, when your done, you simply dump the contents in your toilet. Super East and convenient. The one in the photo is similar to the One I used.

Recommendation #3

A Portable tray is a must! When you’re recovering having a tray the same height as wherever you’re sleeping and eating is important. The less quick movements you make the less chance you have of getting a seroma or other injuries. I would place my medicines, drinks, food, chapstick, baby products I was using for my daughter on the tray. This made it so much easier for me to be the best mom I could be ❤️ since my recovery time was longer due to the issues that arose, I was using the chair I recommended for a long time and I couldn’t make quick movements, sit or get up alone, bend over , or hold anything heavier than my daughter for over a month. If you have the same situation or if you are being precautions or if you simply like convenience, I definitely suggest purchasing one of these.

My top picks

Hospital Bag

This month, I am providing you with items from my labor hospital bag that I actually used! These made the entire experience much more enjoyable! 🥰 Continue to the next page for “things I truly enjoy: C-Section items” and “Things I really enjoy: Newborn Edition.”

Recommendation #1

This jersey, button up, sleep dress is not only super soft, but perfect for breastfeeding your little one during the night. 🤱 Make sure to wear a sleep nursing bra with nursing pads. Leaking will become part of your new normal! Haha.

Recommendation #2

This bra is a total must have! You’ll definitely thank me when your breast are engorged lol It is not only extremely comfortable but at times I forget that it’s there. It is marketed as a sleeping nursing bra, but after having Blossom, not having to clip things and take up time, is necessary. I love that it goes on like a sports bra. Plus, pre pregnancy I would go braless a lot because I don’t like the feeling of a bra and this is something I actually enjoy wearing. I don’t know about you, but anything without a wire is a plus in my mind :)

Recommendation # 3

The hospital will provide you with mesh underwear & pads but these are much easier to put on & comfier. I definitely recommend you purchase these for the first few days after giving birth, which is when your lochea is most heavy. They are not only comfortable with great absorption BUT are also cheaper than Depends & Always Discreet. A plus, am I right?! :) Target is awesome! Haha. HOWEVER, if you have a c-section, please speak with your OB. You want to allow your incision to breath & don’t want to irritate the area, which isn’t really possible with a diaper. I learned the hard way. >.<

Recommendation #4

I basically lived in these socks and my pjs ( Rec #1.) during my entire hospital stay. These were a total must have for me. 🤙🏻 Apart from making you feel a bit more like home, these are super comfortable, fit very well, and have the non-slip grip on the bottom that hospital socks have. Beyond all of that, they are also super adorable! I purchased these and another set that read “ Ready, Set, Push!” Adorable, right?!

Recommendation #5

I am OBSESSED with this bag! Not only is it vegan leather, but it’s stylish and super spacious. It’s the perfect diaper bag and a purse you can have even when your little one(s) grow(s). I didn’t fill it with my things for the hospital, but rather my Baby Girls. It’s been in true use since her arrival. What I also love is that it has a zipper in the back that opens, creating a slit for when I travel to slip my carry on baggage handle through it. Perfect, right?!