“Do or do not, there is no try” -Yoda

Ciao mi amores,
Happy to have you here with me on this beautiful earth. This is my personal journey, of growth and self love. I am 20 years old, I have been a traveling gypsy for my entire life. Staying in one place too long makes me itch. I am beyond blessed to be here.

My page is for inspiration, whether you’re on a yoga and spiritual journey, in search of inner peace.

Holistic health and healing

Vegan recipes and tips on transitioning into this lifestyle, cruelty free and conscious living.

Transforming your hair, and joining the #healthyhairmovement

Or you just want to see some pictures of my beloved norris , my rescue dog who is 10 years young.

Take what you need, and remember how blessed you are for waking up and having another day of life.

Connect your bare feet to our Mother Earth daily, this will neutralize free radicals, and you will absorb negatively charged electrons from the earth providing you with energy, supporting your immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting good sleep.

Stay ever present my friends.

Want to learn some magic?

Start with your electromagnetic field, or known to some as your aura. These are defined by frequency. When you learn to control your thoughts, and master your energy. You can vibrate at a higher frequency feeling lighter and happier. Be careful who you surround yourself with, detach from energy that doesn’t agree with your spirit. Peoples negative energies and problems they may be facing can attach to your aura, and drain you of your own vital energy if you let it. Remove yourself from toxic situations, be specific of the people who you consider friends. Everyday we grow we evolve, and we need to release the baggage that may hinder that growth. Namaste