About Me

Who Am I & What do I do?

Hey Beautiful :)
Here’s a short summary of who I am and what I do:
• My name is Claire Bady, and I was born and raised in France.
• I am 21 years old.
• I have been playing basketball since I was 3, played 2 years in Juco, 1 year in D1 and my last season in D2.
• I am currently finishing up my degree in Psychology and Exercise in Science
• Believer, Mental Health Advocate, striving to make a difference and help giving a voice to student athletes.
• Cook, dress, workout and EAT a lot.

I started this business because like a lot of you...I have of lots of dreams and projects... which need a certain financial stability that I didn’t have. Plus, as a college student athlete..well no time for a full time job..so I definitely needed to find something flexible and easy accessible. Being reluctantly at first, I started this side hustle because I had nothing to lose, but I’ve quickly found out that it was the best and easiest way to make money. Given the tools and trainings to be successful from my mentors, I started to learn how to use my social media to monetise my time on it to make money!
Now my IG is my full time job, and is not only building my bank account, but also myself and my future goals! Working from wherever I want, between classes or from the beach, it has brought me so much freedom! I am truly blessed for this opportunity, and would love to bless others as well.
If not you, then WHO?
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