‼️TNC‼️ —

Please read all the tnc carefully before submitting order with me

🌸 pay the exact amount stated in the price details only

🌸 Do not rush me / spam me, I'm still a student with personal life so do expect late reply

🌸 I'm not responsible for the damaged/lost caused by the shipping (I'll inform you if there is damaged caused by shipping before the postage)

🌸 If your items is lost due to shipping within Malaysia do inform me, I'll do my best in helping you contact the courier service

🌸 No refunds for damaged/lost items caused by shipping. Refunds will be given if I couldn't secured your items only

🌸 I will secured your slots after you have made payment and deposit only. This does not count for reservations!

🌸 I will use FPFS, for reservations will only last until 1-7 days only (depends on the items)

🌸 If you wish to backout, find a replacement for you.

🌸 There will be 2nd payment for EMS if we underestimated the weight of the items. I'll inform directly if this occurs with proof.

🌸 Please be patient since the items is a preorder. ETA is 2-4 weeks after SHIPPING STARTS. Do expect for some delay in delivery since there is a pandemic.

🌸 If you opt for loose items from me ETA may take additional week. Since I'm a dropship, I need to wait for my GOM to post the items to me.

🌸 Updates for any Group Orders can refer to #DyiaUpdates or the masterlist. Please check before asking through DM

Mercari —

⏳ Batch for each items change monthly and ETA takes 2-3 weeks after batch ends.

💰1st Payment
Item Price + ¥300 (payment fee - apply per link)

💰2nd Payment ( ❓FAQ )
International shipping + Local Postage

‼️3rd Payment (if detained only)
Kastam Tax

❓How to calculate 1st payment?
Item Price: ¥300
Item price + ¥300 = ¥600
600 ÷ 24.6 exchange rate

📦 EMS estimation reference only:
Photocards, postcards - RM1~5 /each pc
Albums, books, etc. - RM10 and above /each

‼️ I could not guaranteed the items are legit or fake, and I'm not responsible for the defects due to the international shipping. so please buy at your own risk!!

‼️ It may take time for me to secured the items, please do not rush me.