Hey, I’m Jill

I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and coffee addict.

I have always had an interest in health and fitness, but just couldn’t quite figure my own s*#! out.

Enter 2020 and the pandemic - and my survival instinct kicked in to truly shift my focus to overall wellness and happiness in the time I had free.

After struggling for the vast majority of my life, on and off of fad and crash diets, I sunk all of my time into figuring out a sustainable way to be happy and live a life I could be proud of.

I’ve lost 45 lbs and counting and have a pretty darn good system figured out. So I furthered my education, got my certification in personal training and nutrition and dove into an internship with Show Up Fitness.

I’ve now shifted my focus to helping people who struggle with all of the noise and myths within the fitness and nutrition space figure their s*%! out too - with ebooks, online courses and 1:1 training.

Wanna know more?

I’ve got you. Click the link below to head to my official website!


Frequently asked questions

Got questions about my services? Check it out below.


How do you differ from an in-person trainer?

This one depends on your personal preference. With in-person training, it's often times much more expensive and you pay per session that you workout.

You get x amount of sessions per week and don't have contact with that trainer between your sessions.

They are there in person to push you and suggest tweaks on form. Monthly pricing can be upward to 1000 a month if you break down per session.

With me as an online trainer, not only will I develop a fully developed workout program for you both for gym and for home workouts, I will create a personalized macronutrient breakdown and work to educate you on the science behind food digestion and why we don't need to restrict ourselves.

I make myself available through text and instagram for any questions and concerns you have. We work with an app interface that is fully integrated with the option for form checks to ensure you are properly executing the moves.

My monthly prices don't change per session. If you need 3 workouts or 6 per week - the rate stays the same. I provide coaching resources, mindset work, journalling topics, book suggestions, biofeedback checks (sleep, stress, hunger, mental health, etc) and more. For a fraction of the cost of an in-person trainer.


Will you create a meal plan for me?

Nutritional guidance will always be included in a full 1:1 coaching plan or as a standalone 1 time consultation.

However, as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I cannot advise on micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) intake, diet and meal plans or specific foods.

It is out of our scope of practice and only a registered dietician can provide that service.

As a nutrition coach - I can calculate your daily intake using mathematical formulas and help develop a daily breakdown for what works best for you, and provide creative yet delicious recipes that you can adapt into your daily diet.


What equipment should I have for home workouts?

If you are working out from home - you don't need much!

I recommend a set of interchangeable dumbbells (the type with steel handles and interchangeable plates), long bands (search pull up bands online), a hip band and a foam roller.

If I had to choose a budget friendly version - you can go without the dumbbells but you will start to plateau quicker on your strength without having the weights to overload.


Do I have to commit to a certain number of months for 1:1 training?

Nope! You can stay with me for one month or 12, whatever your budget allows and for however much time you have to commit.

You are only locked in month to month and we can re-evaluate close to the end of your month to renew.