About me

Hi, I’m Emma!! I love art & design, personality assessments, and going on walks. I’m passionate about mental health due to having my own struggles and being able to stabilize (mostly) within the last few years.

I live in Washington state, and I shoot a lot of film, mostly on my Minolta Maxxum (when i’m feeling fancy) and my Olympus Infinity (for everyday use).

I have 3 siblings, and I am the textbook definition of a middle kid (but i love it). My family is very important to me!

Anyways, that’s pretty much the important stuff, and the rest is pretty apparent by my instagram, haha. Thanks for reading!

What to do when you’re struggling

I’m not a mental health professional but these are some things that work for me

1. Physical Needs

Take care of your physical needs first. If you haven’t slept or showered in days, take a shower and a nap. Eat something satisfying and filling if you’re hungry.

2. Social Needs

Reach out to a friend, send a text, facetime them. Even if you’re just quietly doing your own thing, i’ve noticed it’s re-centering to have another person’s presence so I’m not stuck in my own head

3. Internal needs

Sometimes there isn’t a “why”, but other times, these feelings can be caused by something. Figure out the root of your feeling (stress, sadness, etc), and figure out what you can do to process it. Sometimes this means journaling, other times it means going on a walk. Up to you