Hello Gorgeous,

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sami. 💕

Just a 28 year old hairstylist/lash artist obsessed with working in the beauty industry for the past 9 years whose passion is helping others feel beautiful from the inside out, take control of their lives, and provide opportunity for financial freedom.

I’m currently in a full time nursing program on top of being a full time mama and hair stylist. So, I understand what it’s like to be busy with life and responsibilities. This ground level opportunity has given me the freedom, friendships, and mentorships that have brought ultimate happiness and success in my business.

I used to be the skeptic that never thought it was possible to be successful in this kind of business, but I’m here to tell you babes that it is, and if I can do it... then so can you! Whether you’re a stay at home mama, stylist, student, nurse, athlete, teacher, nanny, lab tech, receptionist, influencer, you name it... if you are interested in watching yourself grow then let’s talk.

Being surrounded by like minded individuals and developing your Boss Babe Mindset will forever change your life, your family’s life, and the lives of those around you. If you are ready to start building the life you want & deserve, all while helping others feel amazing about themselves, then this is the path for you.

I am a huge believer that everything comes to you at the right timing. If you want to take the next step in your life or are even just curious about this opportunity...

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My goal is to Inspire + Motivate + Collaborate + Educate with as many people as I can.

Can’t wait to meet you!


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