Written by Jeffrey Powers

What is Earth Mother?

Earth mother is the Sacred land we call home in North Central Florida. Pachamama provides everything we need on this fertile land so we named it in reverence to our Sacred Mother.

It is 6 acres of rural land with the convenience of the city if ever needed. It’s rural enough to allow us to feel detached from mainstream society, yet close enough to society to be able to continue to serve our purpose of elevating the consciousness of humanity.

About the land

The land is full of the oldest, wisest, huge Oak trees I have ever met. The soil is rich and fertile due to the centuries of leaves falling on the ground. The oak trees provide a lot of cool shade and shelter. The birds are everywhere and morning meditation is always held with them singing their beautiful songs. The morning sun shining through the trees is the most peaceful, beautiful sight. The sunsets over the top of the oaks are breathtaking. At night, there is very little light pollution so the stars can be seen shining brightly. Looking up at the stars, with the shadowy outline of the oaks is other worldly. There are multiple different pastures and several good clearings for growing gardens, perfect for the preservation of the oaks, while still having enough sunlight for growing food and nursery plants.

Sacred Land

How do we know the land is sacred

Aside from us deeming it so and making it our sanctuary, and while we have not inquired about the history of the land, the spirits of the Native American Ancestors that once resided there have spoken.

During the new moon energy of early April, 2022, Kristy and I were called to go into ceremony. We thought that we were simply clearing the land of the energy of recent visitors and those who have lived there before, but Spirit had different intentions that evening. The flicker of the candles, and the flow of the incense smoke placed at the four directions alerted us of a presence. I could feel that they wanted to speak to me so I tapped into my mediumship gift and listened.

I spoke to several members of the tribe and even one of their oppressors who was only a young man and was forced to take part in the events that took place there.

They spoke of the atrocities that occurred there.

After speaking to each individual, I assisted them with going home.

I spoke to two of the elders of the tribe. One of them a wise old woman who spoke for the people of the tribe. The other, the Chief.

The wise old woman kept repeating to me that they were a peaceful tribe and couldn’t understand the things that happened to them. While speaking to her, I had visions of their village and their day to day life. At the conclusion of speaking to her, I felt the entire tribe at my back and assisted all of them to go home.

Thinking we were done, we concluded the ceremony and headed into the cabin to eat. While Kristy prepared food for us, I felt yet another presence. This was someone of importance, a leader. It was the Chief.

The Chief told me that he knew that Kristy and I were different than the people that stole their land and all that had occupied it since. He said he appreciated the work we were doing to restore the land to what it once was. He then proceeded to give me shit about the power tools we have been using to clean up the land, that they were noisy. I explained to him that at the moment, we do not have a tribe of people to help and that the tools enable us to accomplish more. I ensured him that when we have a tribe here, we will go back to more traditional ways of doing things. He then gave me some advise that if we want tribe members and visitors to respect the land as we do, we need to ensure the land is clean before they arrive to set a good example. He gave us his blessing but said that he and his warriors were going to remain behind to make sure we do right by the land. I thanked him for his advise and his presence.

Current Condition of the Land

The land was acquired from Kristy’s family at an exceptional price but also came with of a lot of labor needed in the form of clean up and clearing. There are years worth of acquired family items that we are working to sell, recycle, repurpose and as a last resort, throw away if not salvageable. There is a log cabin that is livable, a barn needing cleanup and minor repair as well as a small workshop. There is also a condemned mobile home beyond repair that will need to be demolished and removed. The pastures are overgrown and need the under brush cleared. The beautiful, huge Live Oaks need some grooming of dead limbs. There is a big open clearing in one of the pastures that is perfect to get the food garden going.

Currently Kristy, her kids and her father live on the land in the cabin and I will be moving there in July. I spend my off days working on the cabin and land along side Kristy and family.

Seeing as how the land has been in the family for about 18 years, Kristy has been planting and landscaping for some time now. The fruits of her labor now provides her the opportunity to sell nursery plants that have propagated over the years, bringing in a nice supplemental income. The land provides for her in many ways already.

Our Vision for the Land

Our vision is to restore the land to the point that the Native Americans that once resided there would be proud and create a community that thrives as theirs did.

The community will be a community dedicated to honoring our Sacred Mother, Pachamama, for all that she provides to sustain us.

A community focused on Oneness and the unconditional LOVE that is God, Great Spirit, the Creator who dwells within us. We bring our individual talents and skills from the 3D world, as well as our Spiritual gifts, to THRIVE together, rather than survive as individuals.

The members of the community will operate a healing retreat and host Spiritual community events like Yoga, ceremonies, ecstatic dance, etc.

We will strive to be the most self-sufficient we can possibly be while reducing our footprint.

The current running idea is that the members of the community will build and live in high efficiency, solar powered tiny homes with community kitchens, laundry facilities, closets, storage, music studios, sacred healing spaces, etc.. We are open to ideas for other alternative living quarter ideas.

Income for the community will be generated through the retreats, events, farming, nursery plant sales, selling arts and crafts, as well as creating passive income sources through masterclasses, workshops , social media, etc.

The entire property will be a botanical garden. The ceremonial grounds lined with our food gardens so that the food we eat is nourished through all the LOVE that happens during ceremony and events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to LIVE and LOVE life to it’s fullest, the sole purpose we are here for, accomplished as a community through doing the things we LOVE to do in order to THRIVE and through our continued growth and healing.
All “Family” that rolls through our retreats and events will experience the same and take that experience out into the world, creating a tsunami of a ripple, and in turn, heal our world.