Meet the Reader

Here is some information about me personally, and my services!

Hello and thank you for reading! Since you are here, and a pattern of events have led you to exactly where you are now, you were meant to be reading this in this very moment. This is for you. I am an experienced tarot reader and intuitive based in the Deep South. I have always felt drawn to nature and energy from a young age. I have been on my spiritual journey for about 6 years at this point, and every day I am growing more connected to myself and the divine! I can confidently give accurate and genuine tarot and oracle readings to those who need advice and insight for any situation.
When I have done your reading, I will type it out for you and explain what the cards are saying in a simple and easy way for you to understand with a photo of the cards. Everything is 100% confidential and completely judge free. This is a safe space for people seeking advice, help, a sense of direction, and much more. It is my goal in life to help others, and this is an amazing way to further that.

Some examples you can use Tarot for are:
Love/ Relationships
Emotional, Mental and Spiritual insight and guidance

Never had a Tarot reading before and don't know what to ask, but you still want to give it a try? I have plenty of experience with this and have access to resources for just a fun, introspective reading for you!

Thank you for considering me as your Tarot Reader. I look forward to working with you!
Have a beautiful day!