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Meet the face behind Earthy Nutritionist

Hi there, I’m Ziynet!

I am an accredited Nutritionist (BFdNut), certified nutrition coach & private personal trainer.

As the founder of my online nutrition coaching/consulting business, I am deeply passionate about educating and supporting women with their health journey.

As a young full-time mother (at 19), I was fortunate enough to complete my education in nutrition and undertake some extra qualifications during my uni degree to extend my knowledge in food & nutrition. My journey to holistic nutrition began 4 years ago when I was pregnant to my first, particularly with the loss of my father (due to cancer) when I was 4 months pregnant.

This traumatic experience became the driving force as to why I became a nutritionist! I want to help likeminded women like you, thrive in good health during your childbearing years and to birth healthy bubs. Meeting your nutritional requirements during this critical time is super important because your nutrient stores become depleted with each pregnancy!

I am also deeply passionate about helping women lose extra body fat and build muscle, so they feel their strongest both mentally and physically. Hence why I have created a 12 week Nutrition Coaching program focusing on losing body fat and building muscle mass.

My holistic approach to health & wellness will empower you to create sustainable changes towards your health and nutrition goals, without being burnt out.

At Earthy Nutritionist, we pride in education, sustainability and flexibility to ensure our clients walk away with the right mindset & knowledge to improve their overall health & wellbeing regardless of what stage they are at.

Earthy Nutritionist


Specialising in women’s health nutrition:

- Fertility
• I help women who want to get pregnant by optimising their chances of getting pregnant and educating them with better dietary choices for a healthy and thriving pregnancy

- Pregnancy
• I help women meet nutritional requirements during their pregnancy so that they can thrive and have a healthy baby

- Breastfeeding
• I help women who are wanting to breastfeed or are breastfeeding with nutritional and dietary support so that they meet their daily energy and nutritional requirements

- Hormone Health
• I help women balance their hormones naturally through nutritional and dietary support to minimise the chances of getting hormone related health problems

- Fatigue
• I help women combat fatigue and recover, so that they can enjoy their day-to-day life without feeling tired all the time

Earthy Nutritionist

Online Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation (approx 1 hour) - $150

Your first consultation is to help us understand you and your health-focused goals.

We will complete a comprehensive nutritional health assessment (physical, medical, dietary, social and lifestyle factors) and a discussion of root causes. A personalised nutrition care plan will then be developed, focusing on goal setting and strategies to achieve your nutritional goals, completely tailored to your lifestyle and health or performance goals.

We will discuss your health and nutrition goals, and how we can support you in achieving them. We will then work together to establish strategies and develop an individualised nutrition care plan to empower you to achieve your goals.

We will include this in a take home pack (at additional cost), complete with a 7 day food diary and other relevant resources to assist you.

Review Consultation (40 mins) - $80
*$10 off if purchased in our package*

In your review consultation session, your Nutritionist will assess and monitor your progress since your initial nutrition care plan, make amendments (if required) and continue to provide you with practical advice and support.

Frequency of review consultations are determined on an individualised basis. It is recommended for ongoing appointments to be between 1 - 4 weeks apart with multiple follow ups to see optimal results.

* Consultations available via phone call only ☎️

Online Nutrition Consultation Packages

Want to book multiple sessions & save? Check out our special package below ⬇️

It is highly recommended to have multiple review consultations to follow-up with progress and ensure you’re being held accountable and supported throughout your health/nutrition goal.

At Earthy Nutritionist, we highly encourage clients to choose one of our consultation packages so that you invest into your health completely without having second thoughts about returning back. Once you make this investment, you will feel much more determined to stick to our nutrition care plans.

Here is our consultation packages:

1 x Initial Consultation with any of the following added below ⬇️

- 3 x Review Consultations (Save $30)
- 6 x Review Consultations (save $80)

✓ With each package you will receive a personal online drive including your nutrition plan, consultations notes and other relevant resources.

✓ Private access to our FB community group for continued support, accountability and meal inspiration from the Earthy Nutritionist community.

We are happy to recommend you the right consultation package. Please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you!

1:1 Nutrition Coaching (Lose body fat & build muscle)

Are you over diets and can’t find the right weightloss strategy, lack motivation and need personal support? Check out our 1:1 Nutrition Coaching program to see if it’s a better fit ⬇️

When you commit to our 12 week Nutrition Coaching program you will receive:

✓ 45 min initial consultation

✓ Individualised coaching based on your goals, lifestyle, training schedule and personal preferences

✓ 1 x 30 min one-on-one focused coaching session

✓ Weekly check-ins for accountability, support and to assess your progress

✓ Tracking of weekly body composition data (weekly scale weight averages, girth measurements and photos (posterior, anterior and side view) for ACCOUNTABILITY

✓ Individualised macro targets - flexible dieting approach. I teach you how to flexible diet correctly on your own

✓ Access to your personal online drive, including;

• 2 x ready made weekly meal plans with a macro breakdown & grocery lists provided

• 50+ macro-friendly recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies) for you to choose and take inspiration from!

• Meal prep guide + shopping list & meal planner

✓ Learn all my tips and tricks for success

✓ Receive ongoing SUPPORT and get feedback from your personal Nutrition Coach to allow you to ask questions and make amendments to your nutrition plan if needed

✓ Private access to our Facebook Community group for meal inspiration, accountability and continued support from the Earthy Nutritionist community!

Only $80/week (upfront total payment required) with full support & accountability during the duration of your coaching program!

For all enquiries, please send us an email!
[email protected]

Book a FREE 15 min discovery call 📞

Not sure wether I’m the best fit for you? Do you feel a little confused on where to start? Then we can have a chat over the phone.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching Application

Please complete this application if you are interested in getting 1:1 Nutrition Coaching.

I will review your application to see if I have an available slot and wether I am the best fit for you.

If there is an availability, I'll send you a email with a confirmation and we will book your first consultation.

If there is no availability, I can place you on a waiting list & notify you when there is the next intake!

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