Who I am

From my heart to yours

Hey I'm Cassidy👋🏼

I am a momma of 4 who has had a vision and dream of living life outside the box for as long as I could remember. A dream of living a simple and slow life with my family while also adding excitement and adventure into it. I vision a community sitting around a big wooden outdoor table while eating, fire sides, and beaches. I vision raising our children together, creating abundance together and sustainability.

I am passionate about health&wellness, plant based nutrition, self healing, and sustainability. I love oceans, sisterhood, community, watermelon and movies! You can find me dreaming between my two fave seasons, fall/summer! I love a good warm drink, adventures and being in the woods.

I would love to bring you into this business alongside my family and I and my team. We focus on community, mindset, actionable steps, content creation, science behind Kangen water and much much more.

Now that we've been acquainted I would love to get to know you more. My vision is that as you read this you feel like we've been friends for years. Like you totally get me and I'll get you! That our visions are so similar and you NEED to be apart of this business and dream.