East Coast Sober Squad

Holding space for women anywhere who are in sobriety or questioning their relationship with alcohol

Founded by a woman who lived half of her life in a vicious cycle of binge drinking, this space was created to give other women who struggle with addiction to alcohol or who are simply questioning their relationship with alcohol a place to connect about sober life. Alcohol related issues impact women differently and this space allows room to discuss anything at all. Chats can be about anything crossing your mind, however, we do have topic meetings bimonthly regarding alcohol-related topics. When we make the decision to quit or question drinking, it can be a lonely place. Sadly, we live in an alcohol-centric society. ECSS is here to allow women to be mindful of and discuss issues surrounding alcohol abuse/problematic usage and the problems that it can create in our lives and well-being. Sober friendships are the most authentic friendships. We’ve been where you’ve been. Come find yourself and get to know others who are making the choice to find and love themselves fully, without alcohol.

We’ll meet you where you are

Whether you are sober curious, newly sober, or living alcohol free for years, you are welcome. No matter what your road to living sober looks like, no matter what label you give yourself or if you prefer no label. We come together, judgement-feee, at least bimonthly to discuss topics related to sobriety and mental well-being.


I’ve learned during this isolating pandemic that despite the craving for normalcy, the simple act of meeting virtually and connecting with people that way makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. As it stands, some of the people who get me the most are people I’ve never met in person.

My Top Picks

Quit Lit and Podcast recommendations

Early in my sobriety, books and podcasts were two things that helped me learn what alcohol was doing to my mental and physical health and they allowed me to find that my experiences while drinking and those in sobriety were not exclusive to me. Here are some of my favorites!

In sobriety,

Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker

This book was the game changer for me. I learned so much about alcohol and it’s impact to women and minorities, in addition to finding Holly very relatable.


This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

This womxn is pure genius and taught me so much about the science behind alcohol and addiction. She also has an amazing podcast by the same name


The Sober Lush by Amanda Eyre Ward & Jardine Libaire

This book taught me so many lessons surrounding sober life still being a life of beauty, excitement, and thrills! Sober does not equal boring!

The Dry Life with Kayla Lyons

Kayla is the founder of 1000 Hours Dry, a movement of amazing folx who promote a challenge of going dry, or alcohol-free, for 1000 hours. I’m honored to be affiliated with this movement in the form of hosting Saturdays on IG @1000hoursdrybabes. Kayla hosts this pod and interviews amazing people who live an alcohol-free lifestyle

Sober Powered podcast

Gill is a sober scientist who is living alcohol-free. In this pod, she examines the science behind why we drink. Super cool! Bonus: the episodes are shorter than most so it’s a quick hit of motivation

We Are The Luckiest by Laura McKowen

This is one of my favorites because the story really hit home for me. I love the author’s gems of wisdom that come from a place of experience and growth.

A word from Kelly


I founded ECSS in December 2020. I wanted to create a space for women to share and form bonds with others who understood. It started small with members on the east coast, but we grew more mighty and others asked to join from other locations. Of course, we opened it up and we are growing and becoming closer every day. I’m so thankful for each women in this space!

My sober date is 7.28.19 and I’m so happy with where my life is now. A series of rock bottoms didn’t seem to slow me down until the last one...this was different because I was now a parent. It wasn’t all about me. I needed to grow up and be an example. Rock bottom saved me. I’m so thankful for the amazing life I live and that I can finally say I love myself.

I’d love to welcome you to this group! We have a 24/7 chat available and bimonthly virtual meetings. We also have a bookclub, an ongoing learning series with expert guest speakers and a fellowship like no other. You can connect with me on Instagram at @kelz_is_sober or the group at @eastcoastsobersquad.

In sobriety,

Did you know ECSS has a bookclub??

Contact Kelly via Instagram @kelz_is_sober or ECSS @eastcoastsobersquad for more info