More than oils

Because we met each other, life just got better

Hi, I’m Angela. It’s my goal to know all of you personally, pour into you with my talents, and call you friend.

The beautiful state of Colorado is my home. I homeschool 5 kids, kindergarten through 9th grade. As a mom of twins, I never thought I would homeschool but 12 years ago it’s what God put on my heart to do.

In my business I help moms like you build a defensive health strategy so you can thrive all year long. Today, more then ever, building a strong immune system and healthy gut are critical to how your body responds to outside attacks. Friends ask me, Angela, how do you keep 5 kids healthy all year long? It’s not by chance, it’s by design. Most families don’t even know they are at risk. It’s my job to show you why the most common household supplies are harming you and the small changes you can make today that will make a huge impact for you in the next month, next year, leading to a life time of better health.

How I help others is with a company I truly respect and trust. One that says no to GMO’s and pesticides. One that tests and retests to ensure efficacy and purity. One that personally cultivates products from the organic seeds in the ground to the highest quality product I am proud to use on my family and in my home.

When you become a part of my community, you get all of me, a partnership dedicated to your health, your concerns. Full access to my knowledge, my resources, and talented leadership team ready to link arms and support your goals. Coaching, mentorship, community. Always free.

Would you like to work on your health strategy? I’m here for you day or night. Send me a message and let’s chat about where you are at and the most beneficial strategy for you.