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As Australia's leading Digital Dominatrix, Elle Butler (aka Madame Publicite) is on a mission to help business owners dominate their digital space and eclipse their competition.Β  πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» With an extensive 30+ years of business experience, across a range of industries, she has developed proven strategies to really accelerate the recognition of brands in their online space.Β  πŸ’ͺAs a specialist copy/content writer, ✍with a focus πŸ”on marketing to attract the ideal buyers to enquire, her clients love when their phones, 🀳emails and social channels are filled with new sales. πŸ’°πŸ’°

Always wanting to learn something new, she is also slowly learning Auslan Sign Language, πŸ‘ and was told that her sign for her name would be "fingers typing on a keyboard", because that's what she always seems to be doing, as she writes clients' content. πŸ‘

When she isn't busy creating new content, or managing the Easy As Marketing team, Elle loves to enjoy the magnificent vista πŸ– she has overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with hubbie Rod πŸ‘«, Tibetan Spaniel: BhuLa 🐢, and Ragdolls: Bundy & RaRa 😻😽, or visiting her 2 adult sons who live "down South".Β 

πŸ¦„ Passionate about "giving back", as a way of showing thanks to her wonderful mentors who helped her through this business journey, she loves to spend time with other business owners and sharing some insights to help them in their journey. πŸ¦„

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