5 Must-Have Photo Editing Apps

5 photo editing apps that will take your pictures to the next level

There are countless applications for editing your photos. Personale, I tried a lot of them, but few meet my needs.
If you too are looking for the best Apps to sublimate your pictures, here are some suggestions (tested and approved by @easymondaymornig ;)

  1. VSCO


    Combing coolest editing tools and a community of creatives.

  2. Lightroom


    Providing a large range of options, this app could be considered as the professional one.

  3. Pic Monkey

    Pic Monkey

    Photo editor, design maker, sticker maker, background eraser... Pic Monkey is the all-in-one app.

  4. Foodie


    Providing many (many) customisable filters for food and more.

  5. Snapseed


    The quick-fix photo editor tool.

Content Creation Workshop

Playing the role of a brand ambassador | A "copy & paste" effective content strategy

Earlier this year I was approached by a jewellery brand to be an ambassador. I accepted the proposal mainly for two reasons :
• because I liked their creations
• because it would have been a good opportunity to experiment with a new way of writing and taking photos. Once I received the jewellery I had chosen (I paid shipping fees), I started thinking about how I would present this.
So, here is my step-by-step process mixing creativity and strategy.

  1. #1 Choosing the Coupon Code Name

    #1 Choosing the Coupon Code Name

    Once you have created your account as an ambassador, you have the possibility to choose the name of the coupon with which your followers can get a discount on the purchase of a piece of jewellery. I chose #presciousmonday to showcase a piece of jewellery on social medias once a week, exactly on Mondays.

  2. #2 Photo Styling

    #2 Photo Styling

    It is not easy to photograph jewellery, especially if you are not a professional in that field. So I took a look on Pinterest using the words like jewellery, jewellery aesthetic, photo jewellery ideas, in the search bar.

  3. #3 Colour Matching

    #3 Colour Matching

    Taking into account the type of material the jewellery is made of, I created a colour palette that goes well with gold.

  4. #4 Beige Tones

    #4 Beige Tones

    The choice of beige as the base colour was an obvious one. This shade allowed me to recreate a cosy and elegant atmosphere.

  5. #5 Accessories

    #5 Accessories

    Inspired by images seen on Pinterest, I chose objects often associated with jewellery: shells, ceramic bowls, precious fabrics, mirrors…

  6. #6 Writing as a Copywriter

    #6 Writing as a Copywriter

    Wiliam Shanks said that an effective copy should contain no necessary words. So I took pen and paper and I made a list of topics concerning jewellery I will be an ambassador for.

  7. #7 Writing for Social Medias

    #7 Writing for Social Medias

    I decided to talk about the brand in both posts and stories. I tried to be consistent and true, to bring value to my audience and entertain them, without making promotion my priority.

  8. #8 Extra Content

    #8 Extra Content

    I created a practical guide to copywriting using Ig highlight : Copy Tips. This kind of content helped me to focus on writing and editing goals.

    And that's it! I hope this step-by-step process will also be useful to you if you start this kind of project.

The Everyday Jewellery

For some time now, minimalist jewellery, celebrating clean lines and "simple" design, has been in spotlight.
But minimalist does not mean less precious. Indeed, they are often crafted with precious metals like silver, gold or iridium.
Neklaces with twisted chains, bracelets with pendants as clasps and mother-of-pearl earrings are the essential accessoiries for an easy and sophisticated outfit.
If you (like me:) want to stand out your style, I suggest you to click on the link below to get inspired.
And for those of you who have fallen in love whit Freya Treasures 18k gold finished jewels, don't forget to use my coupon code PRECIOUSMONDAY to get 25% off.6
#gift #bohojewels #simple #minimal