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*Call or text (318-308-3844) or email us (easyriders.transport.services@gmail.com) for quotes on a trip.

*Please have pick up and drop off addresses before you call.

*We do ICE pickups and transportation to airport, bus station or hotels. If need to communicate in Spanish, please text us or email us.

*We give quotes according to the miles we drive, pick up and drop off locations, stops in between, and any time that you may want us to wait at each stop for you (shopping, paying a bill, etc..). We also factor in the price of gas at the time of the quote because of the unpredictable changes in gas prices at this time. ANY OTHER STOPS must be mentioned at time of requesting your quote. If you want to add a stop or go a longer route, or need a round trip, and haven’t told us when you requested your quote, we MAY or MAY NOT be able to accommodate your request, but it will increase your charges; and you will have to pay this extra charge before any changes can be made.

*If you want us to wait for you,when requesting a round trip to the store or anywhere, let us know so that it can be accommodated.

Because we do factor in the price of gas when we give a quote on a trip, it is for the day you are requesting it for. The same trip quote can be different on a different day. But if you schedule a trip ahead of time, that quote is honored. If it is not scheduled, the quote may change. For example, if we bring you to a certain store from your home on Tuesday for $20, please don’t assume that it must cost $20 on Friday to go to the same destination. If you would like a quote to remain the same, it must be booked at the time it is given to you.

*Each quote is for you and one more passengers. If you need more than 2 people transported, please inquire what can be done to accommodate you at the time of requesting a quote.

*If you have a pet that needs transportation, please let us know when requesting quote.

*If you have extra stops, please notify us when requesting the quote, as each extra stops in the same route are $5 each for 15 minutes wait or less. Each stop that is off the route will cost more, as well as any stop that you will need us to wait over 15 minutes for you.

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Special deals for our website viewers

Mention these deals when booking to receive discount

As a special thanks to those of you who visited our website, we have some discounts for you:

**10% off any trip over $145
**5% off any trip over 55

**For anyone who has several trips to take for appts or holiday shopping or anything, you receive 30% off your 3rd trip within a 10 day period if you mention this when booking.

**All trips beginning and/or ending in Avoyelles Parish get a 5% discount with this offer