From-scratch food made with love using the best local ingredients possible

Seasonally driven menu that can be adapted to feed bacon lovers, vegetarians,vegans, those that are gluten free...we want all to feel like they have a choice and enjoy their meal

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Now available Monday-Friday starting at 7am

Downtown Omaha-we are here to meet all of your breakfast needs! Bacon, bagels, pulled pork Monte Cristo , 7 minute egg grits bowl or hummus bowl, a traditional breakfast plate with 14-day-cured bacon and more!!

Your call breakfast sandwich~
Bagel/Brioche English Muffin/Grilled Levain
Eggs your way/cheese...option to add bacon

Bagel~daily selection with your choice of spread~savory ricotta/sweet ricotta/nut butter/hummus/jam

Pulled Pork Monte Cristo~sunny egg/pulled pork/jam/fluffy brioche French toast/brown sugar cinnamon syrup

Breakfast Plate~2 eggs/bacon/grilled buttered levain

Pimento Cheese Soft Scamble Egg Tartine

Frittata...lil salad

The Deebo~2 fried eggs/arbol hot sauce/garlic honey/brioche English muffin

Grits bowl~7 minute egg/buttermilk grits/seasonal veggies

Savory brown rice bowl~lentils/beans/seasonal veggies/arbol hot sauce

Hummus~7 minute egg/seasonal veggies/curry spiced yogurt/dukkah

**add 14-day-cured bacon wherever**

Yogurt & granola

Deviled eggs

Mug of grits

Hot brown rice cereal


Lil salad

Breakfast potatoes

We love sharing local food prepared with love from-scratch!!

We aim to be friendly to all dietary needs 🙂

pimento cheese*...garlic toast / pickles
deviled eggs*...dill / smoked paprika
snack mix...bacon / seasoned popcorn / candied nuts (vegan option when available)
gougeres...cheesy pastries
everything bagel cheese balls...roasted garlic /
chives / poppy seeds / sesame seeds / dried onions / grilled levain
mixed pickle surprise

grits...ricotta 5
bowl of
soup...with ricotta and levain

sandwiches...option to remove the bread and build over salad or grits (meatloaf not gf)
pulled pork reuben...corned pulled pork / havarti /special sauce / kraut / toasted levain
the grilled sweet potato jam...grilled sweet potatoes / lentil mash / havarti / dukkah / savory onion jam / cilantro / grilled levain
the whole bird*...marinated breast / confit leg & thigh salad / fried egg / crispy skin / toasted levain
the meatloaf*...cheddar / steak sauce / aioli / pickled carrots / toasted levain
smoked steelhead salad melt*...cheddar / toasted levain
the molly grilled cheese...ricotta / havarti / roasted butternut squash / balsamic / butter toasted levain
pbj...mixed nut butter / jam / open-faced on grilled levain
veggie dog...kraut / mustard / onions / new england style bun

breakfast*...2 eggs your style / 4 pieces of bacon / buttered grilled levain (.50 to add jam)
cheese plate...assorted local / house cheese / accompaniments / grilled levain

option to add chicken salad* 3 hummus 4 steelhead salad* 6 chicken breast 5

your call salad combo...fresh greens / sunflower seeds / mustard vinaigrette / choose your favorite snack or mug
hummus salad...hummus / dukkah / pickled veggies / aged cheddar / grilled levain / greens / seeds / red wine vinaigrette
sweets n beets...roasted beet / grilled sweet potato / toasted pecans / napa cabbage / apple cider vinaigrette / reduced balsamic / dried apple

kid’s grilled cheese
closed soft pbj
fried egg cheddar sandwich
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,
shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

1-2-3 STYLE

you choose one item from each 1 - 2 - 3 to customize your own combo here is this week - but the format will always be the same : )

Cinnamon sugar dirt bomb

Scone...pear berry/maple butter
Yogurt & granola
Hot brown rice cereal
Squash and onions with bacon ❤️

Brioche French Toast
Savory brown rice bowl
Pimento cheese soft scramble tartine


brunch burger ~Beef or house 3 bean
Over the top grilled cheese
The whole bird
211 cheese salad
Lil salad