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Sharing these products that are truly recommended and useful for daily use.

  1. Lollipop Smart Baby Camera 🍭

    Lollipop Smart Baby Camera 🍭

    If you’re preparing for a new baby and trying to gather all your necessities, you may be asking, β€œDo I need a baby monitor?” Here’s how to make that decision. What is the most important feature you're looking for in a baby monitor?

    I love something that's convenient! Thanks to this stylish and sleek @lollipopbabycamera, I can wrap it, make it stand, mount it and even bend it for the perfect angle that I want. Not your average baby monitor πŸ™ŒπŸ»

    Now let's take a look at the features:

    β€’ You just need to download the app on your phone and watch away (it runs on wifi).
    β€’ Comes with accessories like cable holders and a cute tree-branch wall mount in the beautiful packaged box.
    β€’ Audio/video quality is on spot.
    β€’ Night vision is very clear!
    β€’ Has an audio mode and two-way talk feature.
    β€’ It has a smart crying feature that's perfect for us to know if he's in discomfort.

    Fyi, there's also alternative uses for this baby monitor.

    1. Useful for independent playtime in their playroom.
    2. Useful to see how long it takes them to actually sleep.
    3. Perfect use during nap times when you're doing housework.

  2. Offspring.inc


    I LOVE EVERYTHING from @offspring.inc and how their products are baby-safe and cute! Their chlorine-free fashion diapers are very soft, stylish and foremost comfy! Their fragrance-free wipes, plant-based home care essentials and all natural baby essential bundles are great for baby's skin and they smell soooo good.

    Being a first-time mom, I am a little bit sceptical on finding the right choice for my boy, and knowing that their products are all organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free put my mind at ease. Will always be my trusted brand for sure!

    A well recommended natural based products for your babies. At least you know, their products are safe and CUTE 😍

  3. Loveamme Lovecook Pro 7-in-1

    Loveamme Lovecook Pro 7-in-1

    We are so happy to be working with @loveamme.my using their Lovecook Pro 7-in-1 food processor. Let me tell you, it's never been this easy! Frankly speaking, it does saves a lot of my time washing things after meal prepping. The parts can be easily dissembled and when it's easy, it's a joy!

    Ever since Ayden started eating solids, I have been preparing his meal using normal blender and also multicooker, which both works well. However, there are few things that needs to be cleaned πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    It's a great feeling to find something you absolutely love - those small things that really make a difference, fit perfectly into your lives and you can't help but talk about it. Of course, you would want others to be delighted to experience too!