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My Top Picks

Sharing these products that are truly recommended and useful for daily use.

  1. Offspring.inc


    I LOVE EVERYTHING from @offspring.inc and how their products are baby-safe and cute! Their chlorine-free fashion diapers are very soft, stylish and foremost comfy! Their fragrance-free wipes, plant-based home care essentials and all natural baby essential bundles are great for baby's skin and they smell soooo good.

    Being a first-time mom, I am a little bit sceptical on finding the right choice for my boy, and knowing that their products are all organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free put my mind at ease. Will always be my trusted brand for sure!

    A well recommended natural based products for your babies. At least you know, their products are safe and CUTE 😍

  2. Loveamme Lovecook Pro 7-in-1

    Loveamme Lovecook Pro 7-in-1

    We are so happy to be working with @loveamme.my using their Lovecook Pro 7-in-1 food processor. Let me tell you, it's never been this easy! Frankly speaking, it does saves a lot of my time washing things after meal prepping. The parts can be easily dissembled and when it's easy, it's a joy!

    Ever since Ayden started eating solids, I have been preparing his meal using normal blender and also multicooker, which both works well. However, there are few things that needs to be cleaned πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    It's a great feeling to find something you absolutely love - those small things that really make a difference, fit perfectly into your lives and you can't help but talk about it. Of course, you would want others to be delighted to experience too!