Check Me Out...


Ayyo! My names Ebony ...but most people call me Ebs.😎 a little bit about me a kid I’ve always been strong-willed, loved to be in my own lane and riding my own wave. I’ve always had a love for shoes, traveling and treating myself to the finer things in life(pedis, spas, massages, foooood etc etc).

I came to realization early on that a basic 9-5 wouldn’t be able to pay for all the things I needed PLUS all the things I WANTED. I never liked being told when I can or can’t have an off day and eventually came to the conclusion that somehow I needed to find a way to be my own boss. And even though I wanted the freedom to live life how I wanted I still wanted to be able to impact peoples lives.

When MONAT became an opportunity for me I literally didn’t even have to think twice about it. The free trips and the cars were cool to me but that wasn’t what caught my attention. The fact that I could be having a mud bath with an elephant in Thailand while working at the same time. The fact that I could be in my pjs at home on my couch watching movies and eating popcorn while working at the same time. The fact that I could help others quit their 9-5 to spend more time with their kids and family and make more than they would in corporate America. These are the things that got my attention. And the one thing that got me this type of freedom is the simple fact that I put aside what people would think and I literally got up and ran with the idea and the opportunity. The question is.... are you ready to run with me?! 😏