Hi Gorgeous, I’m Ebony

Let’s Build A Beautiful Life Together

I joined a community of women supporting and empowering other women to go after their dreams & create a beautiful life, best decision of my life!

I was given the opportunity to work for amazing business MONAT a vegan & non-toxic beauty company with hair care, skin care, wellness care and etc... I wanted to start my own business & build a team that also shares same goals as me... Financial freedom, work from home, traveling, make INCOME and most importantly BE YOUR OWN BOSS!! Trust me I know it can be very scary starting your own business but if you join my team I will be on a mission to help you accomplish your goals, I will personally train & mentor you every step of the way.

In this link you will find inspiration, empowerment, positivity & opportunity.

If you’re ready to start your own dream & be your own boss and make money, join me on this incredible journey sis!

Any Questions, please DM me!

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I Build Beautiful Lives

Skin Glowin, Hair Flowin, Bank Account Growin

Buy yourself some non-toxic haircare, skincare, or wellness at full price + shipping with 0 commitment


Big savings - Have me as your 24/7 haircare consultant, & shop non-toxic hairecare, skincare, or wellness at 15%-45% off any order you place, along with perks like:
- free shipping
- free products
- access to flash sales
- birthday credit
- option to upgrade to MP

No monthly charge, no commitment, no autoship, you just become one of my loyalty customers who I’ll check in with every 1-2 months. You only get products when you want products, but you get them with BIG PERKS!


Big money moves - become my business partner & start making money from your phone. No requirements, no inventory, no boss. You have me there to mentor you not just on the business but on building up your personal brand / social media

As a dedicated MP you can earn
- financial freedom
- time freedom
- a supportive girl gang
- personal growth & development
- confidence & independence
- platform expansion
- leadership & marketing experience
- all expenses paid trips
- a company paid Cadillac
- 30%-55% off all products

& that is JUST the BEGINNING

did I mention, 30 risk free days to try out the biz? so basically, you have NOTHING to lose and a better life to gain

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Thanks for dropping in!

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