Grad student, devoted cat mom. GIRL BOSS.

Echo Seiersen

I am not a beauty guru or a lifestyle coach or a super hot Instagram baddie. I am a grad student with a full-time job who will be pursuing a Ph.D. next year - in Political Communication. So, it seems strange that I’m helping sell haircare and skincare products, right?

Let me explain.

I am not passionate about sales or shampoo or luxury travel or even money, but I am intensely passionate about helping people. Working with Monat, I get to help (1) real people get real results so that they can feel beautiful when they look in the mirror, (2) resolve difficult symptoms from autoimmune conditions WITHOUT STEROIDS, and (3) empower a team of brilliant, driven women who I have had the privilege of guiding, encouraging, and motivating toward major success.

That is what I am passionate about.

And as if that wasn’t enough - these products have changed my hair, literally, and they have helped to address a number of embarrassing hair and skin issues. They cleared up my psoriasis, faded my acne scarring and stretch marks, and increased the actual density of my hair so that it is healthier, fuller, and sooooo much bouncier! It also caused MAJOR growth in a short period of time for my hair as a whole, as well as for the thinning and hair loss I thought I would just have to live with.

Spoiler: I don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to live with it.

Beyond using and selling the products themselves, my team of girls has helped me to build confidence, to feel empowered and to take control of my life. My girls are with me every day, and we have built a small but diverse community of women whose main goal is to lift up those around them. We do not sell products to snake money from people who don’t know better. We sell life-changing products that we are PROUD to represent, products that improve lives.

It’s not just haircare. It’s not just skincare. To me, these products ARE healthcare - just without the harmful side effects! 😉

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