All about Eclectically Charged Witch

Just a eclectic witch who is intrigued by the paranormal

Hello all you lovely magickal beings! 🔮🌙

So who am I? Well to be short sweet and to the point. I am the Eclectically Charged Witch aka Octavia.

I am a 25 year old non-binary human who is following a Left Handed path. I am a witch who would consider themselves a theistic Luciferian Satanist . It has taken me quite a while to find a path that really fits. I have learned about so many and tried a lot out. Now I’m here.

I am a lover of all things witchcraft, paranormal, and the occult. So much that I started a website dedicated to these topics. I also have a YouTube channel and I am in the works of starting up a twitch stream. The stream will be my community of magickal beings coming together to enjoy some witchy and magical games.

While I am not geeking out over those above topic I am watching horror movies and being obsessed with dark alternative style clothing.

While I love all things dark I also love all things kawaii as well. Pastel goth is life.

So I hope you decide to stick around and join our magickal little family!