About Eco On The Go

The first time I made a cutlery kit was because I needed one for my work lunches and couldn't find an affordable one in store! Then I made some for my friends who loved the idea and wanted one for themselves or to give as gifts, which then lead me to selling them through Instagram and word of mouth! I then began making the zip pouches. Again, I needed a gift for a friend who was travelling and thought it would be super useful for her sanitizer, hair ties etc.! And lastly my tote bags, the first one I made because my grandma passed away and I wanted to make something using her old material/sewing supplies. So I made the Thelma Tote in her memory.

The cutlery in my kits are all from op shops! This way we can have better quality cutlery at a more affordable price and some eclectic designs! The kits also come with a stainless steel straw which can be reused over and over again! The cotton drawstring bags are handmade by me in different colours and patterns to suit any and every one!

The zip pouches are made with zips that again are all from op shops! About half of the materials for my pouches I find second hand. The pouches are all double lined, the inner lining is thicker flannelette so they are all sturdy and great quality, not flimsy!

Some of my tote bags are made using second hand material. The inner white lining and handles always are! They are made to be sturdy and suitable for everyday use!


Eco On The Go only ships within Australia.

All orders will be shipped with 2 business days of payment being received.

Standard postage is $8.95 tracked

Express postage is $11.95 tracked

We ship via Australia Post

I will package your order as safely as possible however if your package gets lost or damaged I cannot be held responsible, however if you do have an issue with receiving your order please contact me and I will try to help resolve any problem!

Low waste packaging! I first package all orders using second hand boxes and wrapping. Any plastic wrapping is reused. I will not buy plastic wrapping for orders. If I need to purchase any wrappings it will be an eco friendly option. I also use paper tape not plastic tape!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy your products?
Check out my Instagram bio for where I’m currently selling, or send me a DM!

Do you have sales/discounts?
Sometimes! Keep an eye on my socials to find out!

Do you post?
Yes! Postage is $8.95 tracked or $11.95 express via AusPost. Your order will be sent within 2 business days of your payment being received.

Do you post internationally?
No, we only post within Australia. If you’re in another country, see if there’s something similar near you! It’s great to support your local creators!

Is everything made by you?

Does handmade mean lower quality?
Absolutely not! In my opinion, it means its better quality! I've taken the time to find out which sewing techniques work the best for my products and make sure to do extra stitching in the places that get the most use! For example; the straps of the tote bag are stitched over twice, the drawstring part of the cutlery kit is sown by hand and tightly so the bag stays closed when sinched and the zip pouches are sewn multiple times around the zip corners so they don't come undone! Each item is made with care and in mind for their uses! Not just a pretty bag!

What sizes are the pouches?
Small: 13cm x 9cm
Medium: 16cm x 12cm
Large: 19cm x 13cm
Extra large: 26cm x 16cm

How big are the tote bags?
Approximately 42cm wide and 30cm deep (not including the handles)

Are you an eco friendly business?
I try to be as much as possible! In my work and life. I recycle paper, plastic and fabric. And reuse any ‘trash’ if I can! Check out my ‘Eco Efforts’ highlight on my Instagram!

Are all your materials second hand?
Not all unfortunately. The zips and cutlery (excluding chopsticks, straw and brush) are always second hand! I scour my local op shops for supplies and I always reuse materials when I can! If I can't find second hand fabric, I do go to spotlight which is still low waste! buying fabric by the metre requires no packaging, just sometimes a receipt and my fabric scraps get recycled into new clothes via H&M!

How do I take care of my EOTG products?
You can find my tips and recommendations on the ‘Care Guide’ page, as well as my Instagram highlights.

I saw a pattern on your socials that I like, can I have a product in it?
Possibly! Send me a message and I’ll see if I’ve got any of that fabric left! A lot of materials that I use are second hand from op shops so I have a limited amount. But some fabrics I buy in store and may be able to find again!

If you have any questions you haven’t found answers to here, please send me a message!

Behind Eco On The Go

Hey there! So here's a bit about me. My name's Renae, I'm a 24 year old who spends her time at op shops, working, sewing and watching too much tv. I first made my own cutlery kit because I couldn't find an affordable one that wasn't plastic. I then made them for my friends who wanted one for themselves or to give as gifts! Next I made the zip pouches. I needed a gift for a friend who was about to do a lot of travelling and thought it would be super useful for her to keep her hair ties, lip balm, sanitiser ect. all in one place! And lastly the Thelma tote bags. I first made a tote using materials from my Grandmas old sewing supplies and loved how it turned out so I made some more, naming them in her memory.

So thanks for checking out Eco On The Go! My main goal with these products is to either reuse second hand materials, and/or make products that help you use less plastic!


“Eco on the go is such an amazing and practical idea!! I so often need cutlery when I’m out and about and I love knowing I have the kit in my bag! Also I have two beautiful purses from EOTG and I get so many compliments on them as they are made with such care and have been made with unique material that no one else has! Perfect for storing cards and those things you always need but can’t find like lip balm 🤦 Renae herself is such a giving and dedicated business owner putting hours of time into making mittens and pouches for the animals affected by the bushfires!! What a woman 💝” – Georgia

“Eco on The Go is a phenomenal local business creating thoughtful, eco-friendly products. I love using my cutlery kits, pouch and tote bag for various occasions when I’m out and about. They are all beautifully hand made from quality materials. These creations make wonderful gifts for those special people in your life 🎁” – Courtney

“Recently got myself a little zip bag to keep all my work keys and cards in! perfect size, beautiful material and now it's all organised and not cluttering my bag! Also ordered a personalised tote bag and zip bag and Renae has been fantastic helping find the material, great with communication! Strongly suggest checking out her things! :)” – Erin

“Love EOTG! I have a Thelma tote bag, some zip pouches and cutlery kit. Have them with me were ever I go! Love the material and made well. Also given many cutlery kits as gifts. Great idea Renae and well done.” – Jeni

“I love Eco On The Go Products! I have a cutlery kit and a pouch and couldn't be happier with them! The patterns are unique and good quality! They are a great size and fit much more in them then you would expect! I would highly recommend these products! 💖“ - Laura

Care Guide

How to take care of your Eco On The Go products!

As the cutlery in the kits is second hand I do wash them all before they're sold however I recommend washing them before use just for your own piece of mind. You can wash the knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon as you usually would but I strongly recommend washing the chopsticks and straw by hand. The chopsticks are made from two parts, wheat straw and stainless steel, and if water gets in between the two parts the glue could weaken and the chopsticks could come apart! The straw should also be washed by hand using the provided straw brush. Whilst the straws are dishwasher safe, if you use the straw with drinks such as smoothies, some seeds could reside inside needing the brush to move them out.

The handmade drawstring bag is made from cotton. I recommend washing this by hand as well if it gets dirty (I've been using mine for over a year and it hasn't gotten dirty yet) TIP: I make sure to leave mine in my bag rather than on the table with food to avoid spilling anything on it! Please don't put the bag in the dryer as it could shrink! Let it air dry and if you need, you can iron it!

The Zip Pouches. As I make a lot of the zip pouches from materials I find at op shops, I wouldn’t recommend machine washing them unless you recognise the fabric and know it could withstand the machine. Please also let the pouch air dry and iron if need.

The Thelma Totes! Again I recommend hand washing the totes unless you recognise the fabric. Some totes are made from second hand material like wool or polyester, but when buying second hand material it doesn't come with a care guide so it's best to use the gentlest method! Just like the other products it's best to let your tote air dry to avoid any shrinkage! You can iron it if you need!

Following these tips and recommendations will help your cutlery kits, zip pouches and totes live their best lives! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Contact Me

Hey there!

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page first. You might find the answer you seek!

If not please don’t hesitate to contact me!

You can email me at rsm.96@hotmail.com just put 'Eco On The Go Question/Contact' in the subject line so I can spot your email and reply asap!

You can also send me a message via Instagram or Facebook!