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Hey everyone! I’m a girl with a degree in Environmental Marine Science and I’m working to make the world a better place, one small change at a time! Whales are my passion and I want to do everything that I can to protect them, preserve our planet, and help people make better choices. Follow along to learn about my swaps, get some resources for how you can help, and to see cute nature pics!

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Bite Toothpaste Bits

One of my earliest swaps was my toothpaste. I tried Bite and fell in love with it! I will admit that the texture took a few days to adjust to, but since then I’ve enjoyed every minute! With Bite, you can join their subscription service and never worry about remembering to buy toothpaste while you’re out. The bits come in an eco-friendly glass jar and the refills come in a compostable packet. The best part- no toxic ingredients or microplastics in the toothpaste itself!

Fun Fact: Bite partners with amazing groups such as Sea Shepherd to help our planet even more!

Photo cred: @comingclean on Instagram


Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream

Another one of my earliest- and favorite- swaps! Little Seed Farm is an amazing company with all natural, non-toxic, and organic products. Everything is made on their farm, with some help from their adorable little goats!!

I LOVE the Jasmine Green Tea scented deodorant cream, but they have lots of other scents to try. The best part? You can order free samples to test it out first!

In addition to ingredients that are good for your body, the packaging is good for the planet! Each deodorant cream comes in a glass jar with a wood applicator- you can also upgrade like I did to a larger bamboo applicator.

This deodorant works amazingly, smells great, and won’t stain your clothes! An all around amazing product from an equally amazing company!

Photo cred: @abeautifulmess on Instagram


Saalt Cup

This swap took a long time for me to try out, but it is hands down the BEST one I’ve made so far!

Did you know that most pads and tampons are loaded with plastic and other toxic ingredients? These are bad for our health, and our planet’s health. The Saalt cup is made of silicone and can replace all of that toxic waste! It can last for up to 10 years if you take good care of it- that means 10 years of no waste and no spending money on your period after your initial purchase!

The Saalt cup is comfortable and leak free, and as a new cup user it was very easy to get the hang of it. Saalt has a ton of resources on their site and an email with the best customer service to help answer any questions to make your cup experience the best it can be.

Did I mention that they also raise awareness and help solve period poverty? Yup! They actually donate their cups to women in need who don’t have access to period products! This means those women can now go to school, work, or just keep up with their daily lives while on their period!

Photo cred: @saaltco on Instagram