Tools for transformation from the inside out

Natasha Christenson is a Certified Professional Emotional Polarity™ (EPT™) Technique practitioner based out of Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Natasha specializes in guiding people back to remembering their connection to their innate inner source of wisdom, love and strength so they can come back to their power as a creator to manifest more of the life they love. Natasha works with clients one-on-one using a technique she was trained in called EPT™ - a mix of intuition, emotional release, brain body energy balancing, self-forgiveness and forgiveness (the greatest act of love).

Natasha can help you change your life for good in 7 sessions or less.


It’s not where you thought you were going. It’s so much better!

EPT™ can change your life for good in 7 sessions or less.

Are you looking for help to resolve your hurt, pain or suffering with results that produce faster lasting relief than traditional talk therapy or conventional drug therapy?

If yes, then EPT™ may be right for you!

What do you have to do for this all to work and the change you want in your life to happen?

You have to be congruent with showing up, paying attention, telling the truth, and letting go. Natasha uses EPT™ to help you get congruent with taking these imperative actions in your life in order to create the change you want.

EPT™ may help you overcome hard things in your life that are to much to do on your own. Give it a try!

Book a FREE 30 min Q & A call with Natasha to see if she can help you with EPT™.

Full sessions can be booked for in-person or remotely via Jane App, a telehealth platform!

Discount options for multiple sessions available. See below.

Book a FREE 30 min call

Book a FREE 30 min Q & A call with Natasha to see if she can help you with EPT™. Check Natasha’s schedule to book.

Book a single EPT session

Pay-As-You-Go Options:

First Visit - Initial Consult + 60 minutes of EPT: $130

1. Follow Up - Talk It Out, Mini EPT OR Intuitive Energetic Adjustment
45 mins - $100

Recommended for you if you are feeling stuck and need someone who will listen and offer some intuitive insight into getting through the wall so you can take the next step if you don’t want the full EPT experience)

2. Follow Up EPT - Energetic Tune Up
60 mins - $130

Recommended for visits that at 1-2 weeks apart.

3. Follow Up EPT - Tune Up and Clearing
75 mins - $150

Recommended for visits that are 3 weeks apart.

4. Follow Up EPT - Deep Dive Healing
90 mins - $170

Recommended for visits that are 4 weeks or more apart.

Buy a package of sessions and SAVE!

You love EPT and want to do more frequent sessions and save $ at the same time.
BRONZE - 4 sessions ($415)
*Book 1 Session every 2-3 weeks (2 months)
SILVER - 7 sessions + 1 free ($700)
*Book 1 Session every 1-3 weeks (2-4 months)
PLATINUM - 16 session ($1570)
*Great for couples - significantly improve your relationship with your partner in 4 months!
DIAMOND - 32 session ($3100)
*Great for a family - heal past, change the present, transform your future! Bring more love, connection and harmony back into your family in 10 months.
Packages will not be refunded after 1 year of purchase.
If client wishes to cancel a package, notify Natasha via email 30 days prior to refund expiry and a refund will be given based on the single session rate of $110/1 hr applied to the sessions used.