What feels like the end….. can be a new beginning

Helping ordinary people discover their extraordinary selves

I’m Eddie Soto. Born, raised & based in Miami Florida. My goal is making fitness & health enjoyable & understandable for you! I’m a Certified nutrition specialist & Master fitness trainer

I have the knowledge, hands on experience & passion to give you everything that you need to start living a better life in your greatest body now through my online WORLD-WIDE coaching!

For many of you that know me, I’ve had my fair share of hardships but I’ve learned to embrace my past & you should too! I found fitness in my darkest times & it saved my life!

Pain is universal & everybody can relate to it which is probably how you found me. I want to teach you how to use your struggles & set backs to your advantage! Build impenetrable confidence that will pour into every part of your life!

If you’re tired of the person in the mirror, or are just always tired, struggle with stress, anxiety, insecurities, health issues etc. or are just too tired after playing w/ your children or too lazy to even start… YOU my friend, don’t have many other options!

The longer you wait, the further down the spiral you go. Fill out the application below to see if we’re a good fit for each other!