A budding romance and ethereal connection.

Ol’ Native soul with an eye for everything handmade rich in beauty, patina and history.
Being in love with the slow design of ecoprinting and upholstery of the old world traditional style brings a new passion to marry the two together. Each one of a kind print unfolds the spirit of nature while giving a new life to every antique piece it dresses. Both arts are rooted in the beauty and life of my ancestral heritage where artisans who worked with their hands breathed life to their work with respect and honor to the details and art of slow design.


Nature + Art

I love not man the less but Nature more. From these our interviews in which I steal, for all I may be or have been before, to mingle with the universe and feel what I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal-
Lord Byron

Vintage Textiles

For the Love of Linen

Texture brings depth and life to everything! There’s nothing like the art of hand spun vintage textiles. My love affair is in the nostalgic patience artisans had with each strand, each layer, each perfectly imperfect finished piece that breathed a sense of soul to this art form that went back for generations. Each piece I come across is received in awe and true appreciation for this medium.
To then be able to embellish vintage textiles with Mother Nature in either natural hand dyes or ecoprints brings such gratification in the details of every batch. The element of surprise are seen in the details on how nature has embraced the fabric for a one of a kind result every time. It is no wonder that ecoprinting has grown like wildfire across the globe.
Marrying Nature, Art, History and Style was born. As an old soul I hold a deep respect and appreciation for the things of bygone eras. Traditional style upholstery is an art in an of itself as well. From the nails, springs, hair, hand sewing and stuffing with care to the end result brings a rebirth to every antique piece I come across. My life’s journey is clearly seen with my extended background in photography, education in graphic design, love of Mother Nature and antiques from past lives, I’m led to the here and now to build a solid foundation of all my favorite art forms. After all, if it’s art- it’s not for everybody and if it’s for everybody, it’s not art. I’m just extending an invitation to you for my art for art’s sake....Welcome!


Traditional Upholstery consists of old world methods and materials such as natural hair, nails, springs and intricate stitching. I believe this style enhances every piece showcasing the art form. The patience needed for this process makes it a labor of love and not a quick fix. Our pieces are taken down to the bare bones and not just covered and recovered as I’ve come to witness. Care and light repair comes before the dressing to ensure this rebirth to its fullest potential making them true conversational statement pieces.


This beautiful ornately cane back chair is a one-of-a-kind piece. We opted to leave her top and focus on the seat by adding one of our ecoprinted textiles in a more subdued monochromatic swatch.
She’s ready for your sitting or garden room! Truly swoon worthy!!!