About me

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hi, you are probably here for some of my edit QR code’s, and that great!! Before you get to those, here are some things about me that you might want to know :)

Hi, my name is Sienna. My best friend is Greer and she makes me very happy. I am a Taurus, and my birthday is May 6. I have one older brother and one dog named Lambeau. I first started editing on July 1, 2020. I watched Stranger Things for the first time in late July, and immediately fell in love with it. (My fav character is Dustin 🙈). I joined Millie’s fandom on August 1, and I may be a little obsessed... I have been in about 5 fandoms total, but Millies makes me the happiest.

I first edited with funimate (pre-made transitions) then moved on to Video Star QR code’s. I learned a lot from the codes and I started using key frames. Graphs were pretty hard for me but I eventually got used to them. I get love on my edits everyday, and I am starting to love my edits even more. I started my first fanpage in June, it was an Avani and Charli fanpage. One of my videos blew up with about 90k views. I got to about 900 followers, then got logged out :(. I had another Millie fanpage. That got so much love, and so many likes/views. I got to about 10k and the day I hit 10k, my account got banned, for absolutely no reason!

Ok, ill stop talking, here are some QR code’s (made by me), these include my coloring, graphs, and shakes. No need for credits! <3