Hi there! I'm Anyss, a Muslim Malaysian girl living in KL. Welcome to my tiny website. I thought I should share a little about myself and why I started EELMOO.

You probably remember your first ever novel. Mine was actually Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' (this book was straight horror genre for kids, let's be honest XD) I got it as a gift from my aunt when I was 11 years old. The second I finished the last page, I knew there was no turning back. I was hooked. True enough, I was soon engulfed in the world of dystopian, fantasy and contemporary young adult novels.

However, as time passed, my motivation for reading slowly shifted from pure entertainment to knowledge-seeking. Something happened. Simply put, I fell in love with Islam. How did that happen? I'll tell you guys the story another time :). But the epiphany that hit me was that the more I understood my religion, the clearer the world became. And the freer I was when I knew exactly what Allah wanted from me, because I didn't have to bow down to what everyone else wanted.

So because of that eye-opening realisation, I started EELMOO in July 2021 to share my love for Islam through reading. My sincere hope is that the books you read will empower you, liberate you and ultimately lead you back to Allah because "truly it is in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace." (13:28)

I'm still learning until today. And I know learning is a forever thing - an exciting journey ahead.

So feel free to contact me on Telegram for book recommendations or to ask any questions at all! I'm more than happy to help you in any way that I can. :)

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