Hey! I am Eeshani Singh, student of class 11th. I really love writing poems and I will use this platform to share my work.

Though I am not consistent, nor I am a pro at writing, but I hope you will do give a read to my poems.

Any feedback is great✨

π™…π™π™Žπ™ π˜½π™€ π™”π™Šπ™π™π™Žπ™€π™‡π™
Why is that to love ourselves,
We keep our bar so high,
Touching the seventh cloud of the sky,
Setting our expectations based on our insecurities so high.

And when we are not able to achieve them,
Scrutinize yourself, criticize yourself, repeat it again.
Until you fell into the darkness of despair.

Why is that when your loved one feels bad about themselves,
You tell them they are beautiful, as they are.
But why is that you only feel too insecure about yourself,
Am I too fat or too skinny,
Am I too dark, Oh! I want to be white,
The clothes I wear, the shoes I choose, the way I style
my hair, the way I look…

Everything about yourself troubles you.

You are you and that’s a fact,
No one has the right to comment on that?
Very pretty just the way you are,
No need to change that.

Most people think its fake,
When someone says that everyone is beautiful in their own ways,
But trust me when I say it's true,
And you are perfectly beautiful just the way you are.

So you do you,
You be You.