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Like Gold

The Jesus People  —

Here’s a line up of the Jesus People. Left to Right: Mason, April, Red, and Dick Thought it’d be fun to make stories about a band of Christians that have travel around and adventures. Perhaps through time and space. But they do nothing rn. Maybe they’ll just hang out for now. Gonna make more narrative art with them later. ♥️

Nobody Asked You, Dick! 🌞

(No, not you! That’s his name!) Everything about this picture turned out well! It feels so home-y to me. Comfy. Only thing I’d do different is give it more of a background. Other than that, Dick here third-wheeling it up is funny. :>

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But in the End… They Were Both Right

Richard and Mason talk about Jesus.

The YouTube video

🇺🇸🌟Kamen America 🌟🇺🇸

Finally did Kamen America fanart! ✨ I used Farrah Fawcett’s iconic pose as basis for this pose.

Watch the Speed Paint HERE!

The Harmony Between Brethren

They’re finally working together. 👌✨ {This is a slightly older piece based on music of the song Psalm 62 by Shane and Shane.}

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Disney - Toontober (Inktober) —

My friend found this cool Toontober list yesterday. (I’ll post it in the replies.) This one was technically for yesterday but here are my characters April and Mason as Snow White and Milo (Disney’s Atlantis) respectively.

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Dimitri + Anastasia ~ Toontober

Here are my characters Richard and Ginger as Dimitri and Anastasia from the movie “Anastasia” from Don Bluth. I like to think of these drawings as the characters doing cosplay photos or something. I thought costumes would be fitting for October. 🍁✨🌾