Are You Ready to Receive Change?

Hey there! My name’s Ellyssa

I am 18 Y/O! Born & raised in Brookhaven, New York. I live by the mantra that life is not about finding yourself, but that it is about CREATING yourself. Let me tell you how I did just that...

In January 2020, right before this panic began, I finally quit my job as a waitress. I had worked this job during my junior and senior year of high school, for around 2 years... Deep in my gut, I knew the repetition of school and work didn’t make me the happiest person on the planet. And, without happiness, what is life worth to you?

I began going to a trade school August 2019 for medical assisting. Although I excelled greatly, and maintained outstanding grades, I knew I was only throwing myself right back into the pool of WORKERS. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a government job, but who doesn’t want to work on their own time? Not only that, who doesn’t want to meet motivated, like-minded individuals that want to grow together? Who doesn’t want free trips and cars? Who doesn’t want more TIME?!

Time is something we’re either always racing against or trying to slow down. Wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate every minute and every hour?

This business gratefully and thankfully has allowed me to appreciate every moment I have, and to use it as an OUTLET for my message... “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
This business has been life-changing. Let me show you how you can begin change TODAY...

How can I get started?

When you join, this isn’t something you have to have a previous knowledge on or experience with. Our company is GROUND LEVEL (5 years old to be exact)
Anyone, anywhere in the world can learn this with our PROVEN, duplicatable system. All you have to know is how to wash your hair & skin.

These products are the proof themselves. We provide people with customized beauty products that ACTUALLY work and provide RESULTS. There are amazing testimonials from REAL people all over the world, including myself. Our idea is this: We don’t stand behind any products we aren’t actually using and loving ourselves!

And guess what? You can do this all from ONE DEVICE. If you have a phone, you too can work from WiFi and earn another stream of income. You can finally travel, eat, and have access to endless opportunities all while working from a phone! You officially have your own full-time business promoting vegan beauty all through the comfort of your phone.

Sounds like a steal? We’re here to help you achieve your hair and skin goals while earning an extra income! Email or DM me today to get started.

Love always, Lyss🧚🏽‍♀️