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Our packages are specifically created for startups and solopreneurs (those hustling on their own). If this is you, here is what we can help you with

When you are starting out on social media, finding attractive designs, finding a design that expresses who you are and, knowing what to post and how to say it are difficult to figure out

That is why I have created 3 packages designed for you so you no longer have to worry about this.

Photo and GIF template creation

For your Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok or YouTube so that people know it is YOUR post just by seeing it

And the best thing: you can easily use these templates even if you know nothing about have graphic design

Short Videos

15 - 30 sec intro videos that create your unique video style and tell people "Hey, this is my creation"

Changing your videos to social media sizes and lengths

Creating promotional videos for your social media

Done for you posts

Get months of content for your pages so you no longer have to say "Shit! I was supposed to have something to post today"

Posts, captions, and hashtags all done and handed to you

Plus, a FREE social media strategy for your page

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Looking for something else??

Here are other services delivered upon request

1. Social media audit and optimization strategy
2. Social media consulting and training
3. Content publishing and reporting

About Me

From absolute distaste to curious digital creator

I am a former people pleaser, I am a superfan of dreaming out loud in my head, and if you had met me a year ago, a hater of social media😒

Posting a picture of myself? Sheesh! 😅Talking about myself online to strangers? Hells nah. 🙆‍

I was always scared of putting myself out there which is probably one of the reasons, my previous attempt at a start up failed (I used to sell knit and crocheted clothing, home décor…)

Social media was the last thing on my mind. Until, I came across a book about content marketing.

And for the life of me, I couldn’t put the book down. I finished reading it in 5 hours. And got immersed into the world of social media. 😍

Then, from chasing down free trainings deep into the night to investing into social media coaches, this social media trip has been one hell of a ride.

Not to mention my videos have had on 50X views than followers, and 2348 followers in one week on Tik Tok. 💃🏻

I understand how confusing and dreadful thinking about social media can be especially when you have to think about other business areas.

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